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The Theater

The first meeting between the protagonist and Kathleen takes place here. This is also where the two are headed when the accident occurs.

The Sea

This symbolizes death. While gazing at it from a ship heading to South America, the protagonist contemplates suicide. =

The Hospital

This is where Eliezer spends ten weeks recuperating from his accident. It is a sterile place, and as such, it has little to contribute to the story line.

The Concentration Camp

This represents the holocaust, both literally and figuratively.

The Mirror

When Eliezer is shaved and awaiting his visitors, he refuses to look here. He does not wish to see himself because he knows that he will see the worst of himself if he looks.

The River

When Dr. Russel is talking with Eliezer during one of their visits, he tells Eliezer thatthis only looks calm on the surface. Underneath, it...

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