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Lesson 1

Objective: In Section 1, the author's description of the people on the street is bleak. The reader can only surmise that the impression these strangers create has less to do with them than with the protagonist's sense of self-loathing. This lesson will discuss how this beginning will affect the atmosphere of the book, as well as reveal the main character's personality.

1) Class Discussion: How are the people on the street described? Is this accurate?

Small Group Activity: How does this bleak description reflect the protagonist's personality?

Class Discussion: Share how the bleak description of the people on the street reflects the protagonist's self-loathing. How might this affect the rest of the book?

Homework: Write a short essay describing a time when your emotions affected your view on your surroundings.

Lesson 2

Objective: In Section 1, when the accident finally does occur and the protagonist finds himself lying on the ground...

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