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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does General Compson do on the day of Sutpen's wedding?
(a) He throws dirt and vegetables at the newlyweds.
(b) He goes hunting.
(c) He attends the ceremony with his wife.
(d) He protests the wedding and stays home.

2. What type of currency does Sutpen use to purchase his land?
(a) Italian lira.
(b) Spanish gold coins.
(c) French francs.
(d) US dollars.

3. When Thomas Sutpen comes to Jefferson, what does the town notice that is strange about his appearance?
(a) He is extremely short.
(b) He is wearing a brand-new suit.
(c) He looks as if he had been ill.
(d) He is missing a leg.

4. Where do Sutpen's slaves go when the war began?
(a) They leave Sutpen's Hundred to follow the Yankee army.
(b) They hide in the woods near Sutpen's Hundred.
(c) They go to Martinique.
(d) They go to New Orleans.

5. Where is Charles Bon buried?
(a) In New Orleans.
(b) In the Sutpen family plot.
(c) Next to his wife.
(d) On the battlefield.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jason Compson believe Henry found to be objectionable about Charles' past?

2. To whom does Sutpen become engaged shortly after he is arrested?

3. Who does Henry bring home from college for Christmas one year?

4. Who does Thomas Sutpen marry?

5. How does Rosa acquire what she needs to make Judith's wedding gift?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are there several different versions of how Charles Bon came to find out about his father in Chapter 8?

2. Why didn't Rosa defy her father and attempt to reinstate the store so she could survive financially?

3. What is Quentin distracted by at the end of Chapter 5 that causes him to stop paying attention to the story?

4. Why does Judith give the letter from Charles Bon away?

5. What does Rosa mean when she says that Sutpen "wasn't a gentleman"?

6. Why did Henry choose to reject his family and his birthright when his father forbade the marriage between Bon and Judith?

7. The story of Sutpen's youth as a poor white on a plantation describes considerable hostility from poor whites directed at black slaves. What was the cause of this hostility?

8. Why did Sutpen want to marry Rosa?

9. Why were all the charges against Sutpen dropped after his bond was signed by Mr. Coldfield and General Compson?

10. Why is Rosa Coldfield telling her story to Quentin Compson?

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