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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who writes the letter that is presented in Chapter 4?
(a) Charles Bon.
(b) Henry Sutpen.
(c) Rosa Coldfield.
(d) Judith Sutpen.

2. Why does Stupen's bride cry on her wedding day?
(a) Most of Jefferson refuses to attend the wedding.
(b) Her mother can not attend the wedding.
(c) She hates Sutpen.
(d) Her father disapproves of the marriage.

3. What does Henry study at school?
(a) Law.
(b) Philosophy.
(c) Medicine.
(d) Literature.

4. What is the name of the woman who tells Quentin the story of Thomas Sutpen?
(a) Ellen Coldfield.
(b) Rosa Coldfield.
(c) Ellen Sutpen.
(d) Judith Sutpen.

5. Where does Mr. Coldfield die?
(a) In a battle.
(b) In his attic.
(c) In his store.
(d) In his parlor.

6. What type of currency does Sutpen use to purchase his land?
(a) US dollars.
(b) Italian lira.
(c) Spanish gold coins.
(d) French francs.

7. What is the relationship between Rosa Coldfield and Judith Sutpen?
(a) Judith is Rosa's niece.
(b) Judith is Rosa's step-sister.
(c) Judith is Rosa's cousin.
(d) Judith is Rosa's best friend.

8. Who wants Stupen and his bride to have a big wedding?
(a) The groom's father.
(b) The bride's mother.
(c) The bride's father.
(d) The bride's aunt.

9. To whom is Judith engaged?
(a) Thomas Compson.
(b) Charles Bon.
(c) The Methodist minister.
(d) Charles Akers.

10. Why is Quentin listening to the story about Sutpen?
(a) His father makes him.
(b) His mother asks him to,
(c) He feels sorry for Thomas Sutpen.
(d) He is requested specifically by the person telling the story.

11. Where does Supten live for the first few months of his residence in Jefferson?
(a) In a tent on the outskirts of town.
(b) Holston House, the town inn.
(c) Sutpen's Hundred.
(d) Mr. Coldfield's store.

12. What happens when Stupen and his bride emerge from the church after their wedding service?
(a) Angry townspeople throw dirt and rotten vegetables at them.
(b) Sutpen is arrested.
(c) They find that their carriage has been stolen.
(d) They are presented with gifts from the townspeople.

13. From whom does Sutpen purchase his land?
(a) The Jefferson bank.
(b) Ikkemotubbe, a Native American.
(c) Mr. Coldfield.
(d) General Compson.

14. What is the relationship between Ellen Sutpen and Rosa Coldfield?
(a) They are best friends.
(b) They are sisters.
(c) Ellen is Rosa's aunt.
(d) They are cousins.

15. What is the relationship between Quentin Compson and Rosa Coldfield?
(a) She is his teacher.
(b) She is his aunt.
(c) She is his step-sister.
(d) They are neighbors.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Thomas Sutpen comes to Jefferson, what does the town notice that is strange about his appearance?

2. What is the name of Thomas Sutpen's estate?

3. Who currently has possession of the letter presented in Chapter 4?

4. What is the letter that is presented in Chapter 4 written with?

5. What do Ellen and Judith do in Jefferson for entertainment?

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