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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Rosa move to Sutpen's estate?
(a) To fulfill her sister's dying wish of protecting her children by going to live with Judith.
(b) She needs someone to take care of her.
(c) She loses her house.
(d) Sutpen invites her.

2. Where does Supten live for the first few months of his residence in Jefferson?
(a) Sutpen's Hundred.
(b) Holston House, the town inn.
(c) Mr. Coldfield's store.
(d) In a tent on the outskirts of town.

3. What is Mr. Coldfield's association with Sutpen before the marriage?
(a) Mr. Coldfield is one of the men who came to Sutpen's hunting parties.
(b) Mr. Coldfield is the one who ordered the wagons that picked up Sutpen's home furnishings.
(c) Mr. Coldfield is the minister of Sutpen's church.
(d) Mr. Coldfield is Sutpen's banker.

4. Who writes the letter that is presented in Chapter 4?
(a) Charles Bon.
(b) Rosa Coldfield.
(c) Judith Sutpen.
(d) Henry Sutpen.

5. Who helps Thomas Sutpen when he comes to Jefferson in 1833?
(a) The town preacher.
(b) Quentin's father.
(c) Quentin's grandfather.
(d) Ellen Coldfield.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Mr. Coldfield die?

2. Who first discovers the truth about Charles Bon's past?

3. What does Mr. Coldfield do during the war?

4. What does Judith Sutpen witness as a child that her mother did not want her to see?

5. What does General Compson do on the day of Sutpen's wedding?

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