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Objective: Chapter 1 William Faulkner's fiction focuses on the culture of the post-Civil War South. Understanding this culture is imperative to understanding any Faulkner text, particularly one so entrenched in post-Civil War culture as _Absalom_. Objective: Introduce the class to William Faulkner and the context of the story (the early-20th century American South).

1) In-class activities:

(1) Ask students to volunteer what they know about the aftermath of the American Civil War in regard to the South. After student comments have been offered, provide students with background information about William Faulkner, focusing on his fascination with the post-Civil War American South. This lecture should include significant information about the culture of the South from after the war through the early 20th century.

(2) Divide students into small groups and have them develop a list of the places in Chapter 1 in which the South or the Civil War are directly discussed...

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