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Family tree of the novel's characters

Make a family tree of each of the Sutpen, Coldfield, Bon, and Compson families. Then show how the families interconnect by drawing "branches" between the characters and identifying their relationships on the branch. For instance, there would be a branch between Quentin Compson and Rosa Coldfield that says something like "Rosa told Quentin her story and took Quentin to see the aged Henry Sutpen."

_Absalom_ word hunt

In groups, have students identify twenty words in the novel they do not know, look the words up in the dictionary, and create sentences out of them.

Stream-of-consciousness identification

Assign each student a different person, place, or thing. Have each student write about that person, place, or thing without naming it using a stream-of-consciousness writing style. Have students read their work aloud so other students can guess what their topic is.

What really happened between Henry and Charles?

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