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Chapter 1

• It is September 1909 in Jefferson, Mississippi, and Quentin Compson is in the office of his elderly neighbor, Miss Rosa Coldfield, listening to her tell the story of Thomas Sutpen and his family.

• Quentin, who will soon leave Jefferson to attend Harvard, has been called specifically by Miss Coldfield to listen to her story. She suggests that perhaps Quentin will become a literary man after his studies and will one day write about the story she is telling him.

• In a flash forward in the text, Quentin is at home speaking to his father after he has listened to Miss Coldfield's story. Mr. Compson suggests that Miss Coldfield has selected Quentin as the recipient for her story because Quentin's grandfather was the first Jefferson man to support Sutpen when he came to Jefferson, and the Compson family is therefore somehow involved in the Sutpen saga. He also suggests...

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