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David Hackworth
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Secretary of the Army in 1969?

2. What was Hackworth's recommendation to the Secretary of the Army?

3. Where was Hackworth offered a position in 1968?

4. What did Hackworth tell the Secretary of the Army?

5. Where was Hackworth assigned after his tour in Vietnam?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Hackworth believe prevented necessary changes in training policy?

2. Who did Hackworth meet when he was on R&R?

3. What happened as Joel was born?

4. What did Hackworth feel the United States was doing?

5. Why was Hackworth hospitalized during the Battle of La Drang Valley?

6. What does Hackworth say about himself and the year 1966 according to Chapter 15?

7. What did Hackworth do as a G-4 Operations Officer?

8. When did the Screaming Eagles 1st Brigade arrive in Vietnam according to Chapter 14 and who greeted them?

9. What did Hackworth say of his experience with the NVA troops?

10. What job did Hackworth want at the beginning of Chapter 16 and what was his assignment?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the significance of body count and the programs formulated by Hackworth.

Essay Topic 2

Compare the views of General Marshall with the views of David H. Hackworth.

Essay Topic 3

Examine why the Army rotated commanding officers and how it impacted troops and efficiency among the commanding officers.

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