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David Hackworth
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Hackworth feel the politicians and generals did not know according to Chapter 19?
(a) How much money the Army was spending on bad equipment.
(b) How much the war in Vietnam cost.
(c) Who was in charge in Vietnam.
(d) What was really going on in Vietnam.

2. When was Hackworth assigned as advisor to the Airborne Division?
(a) November 1970.
(b) November 1968.
(c) November 1969.
(d) November 1971.

3. Who was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Cuban missile crisis?
(a) Ira G. Krogger.
(b) John A. Steven.
(c) Jack B. Markus.
(d) Maxwell D. Taylor.

4. When did the Tet offensive take place?
(a) 1969.
(b) 1966.
(c) 1968.
(d) 1967.

5. What type of victory was the Vietcong according to Hackworth?
(a) The tactical victory.
(b) The media victory.
(c) The psychological victory.
(d) The popular victory.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Hackworth attending at the start of the Cuban missile crisis?

2. Where was Hackworth during the battle of la Drang Valley?

3. What name did Hackworth gave his battalion?

4. What was the training in school geared toward to in 1967?

5. Where did Hackworth go after An Kle?

Short Essay Questions

1. What irritated Hackworth about the new equipment?

2. What did Hackworth do as a G-4 Operations Officer?

3. Why was Hackworth hospitalized during the Battle of La Drang Valley?

4. Who did Hackworth meet when he was on R&R?

5. What did the Army make arrangements for Hackworth to do in Chapter 13?

6. What did Hackworth establish in Vietnam with General Marshall?

7. What does Hackworth say about himself and the year 1966 according to Chapter 15?

8. Who invited Hackworth to dinner according to Chapter 20?

9. What did Hackworth feel the United States was doing?

10. What was the first thing Hackworth learned about Vietnam?

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