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David Hackworth
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Hackworth's unit spend time every few months?
(a) Berlin.
(b) Baumholder.
(c) Hendoven.
(d) Stuttgart.

2. How many raids did Hackworth and his unit complete before going for 5 days of R&R?
(a) 10.
(b) 15.
(c) 25.
(d) 20.

3. What was the hill where the North Korean were stationed called?
(a) The Small Hill.
(b) Hamburger Hill.
(c) The No Name Hill.
(d) Hill Wang.

4. What did Joe Rice make safer?
(a) Shovel.
(b) Combat rations.
(c) Guns.
(d) Bunker.

5. What was the name of the company commander?
(a) Captain Ernie.
(b) Captain Smith.
(c) Captain Markus.
(d) Captain Michaely.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Hackworth teach?

2. Who was Hackworth reunited with at his new position?

3. Who was President during the Berlin crisis?

4. What did Hackworth think of the war when he arrived in Korea?

5. Why did the tank in Chapter 1 not return fire when fired upon?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Hackworth do in Santa Monica according to Chapter 8?

2. What job did Hackworth want at the beginning of Chapter 16 and what was his assignment?

3. When Hackworth reviewed the battle, what did he record?

4. What effect did Eisnhower's program, Reductions in Force (RIF) have?

5. What irritated Hackworth about the new equipment?

6. What did the Raiders accept according to Chapter 7?

7. How did Colonel Hanh act according to Chapter 21?

8. Who was Hackworth called to brief and what did Hackworth receive?

9. What did the men under Hackworth's command do at first?

10. When Hackworth reported to Fort Lewis in Chapter 18, what did he find?

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