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David Hackworth
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What platoon was Hackworth assigned to in Chapter 1?
(a) 3rd platoon.
(b) 4th platoon.
(c) 1st platoon.
(d) 2nd platoon.

2. Where was F company stationed?
(a) In a place called the Gap.
(b) In a place called the Hole.
(c) In a place called the In-between.
(d) In a place called the Space.

3. When did Hackworth return to his unit in Korea?
(a) Mid March.
(b) Mid June.
(c) Mid January.
(d) Mid December.

4. What was Company D rated according to Chapter 12?
(a) The best company.
(b) Low.
(c) Above average.
(d) Average.

5. Why did Hackworth enlist in the army according to Chapter 2?
(a) To travel.
(b) To protect the country.
(c) To fight Communists.
(d) To meet girls.

6. What Battalion was Colonel Locke in charge of?
(a) Third Battalion.
(b) Second Battalion.
(c) Fourth Battalion.
(d) Sixth Battalion.

7. When was Hackworth transferred to the battle group Combat Support Company?
(a) January 1966.
(b) January 1962.
(c) May 1961.
(d) August 1963.

8. What was the name of the company commander?
(a) Captain Smith.
(b) Captain Ernie.
(c) Captain Michaely.
(d) Captain Markus.

9. Who was the commanding officer of the Ranger unit that Third platoon joined?
(a) Captain Mark Stubert.
(b) Captain Ira Wenmann.
(c) Captain John Maxwell.
(d) Captain John Scagnelli.

10. When did Hackworth reapply for the army?
(a) December 1955.
(b) December 1957.
(c) December 1956.
(d) December 1958.

11. Where was Hackworth wounded, according to Chapter 7?
(a) Back and head.
(b) Legs and arms.
(c) Legs and back.
(d) Arm and chest.

12. Where was Hackworth assigned to after his promotion?
(a) Able Company.
(b) Dog Company.
(c) Bravo Company.
(d) Easy Company.

13. What did Hackworth teach?
(a) 19th century military tactics.
(b) The group's own training classes.
(c) Mathematics.
(d) English to the locals.

14. Who initiated the Reduction in Force program?
(a) President Johnson.
(b) President Eisenhower.
(c) President Nixon.
(d) President Kennedy.

15. During what operation did Hackworth become the assistant to the platoon sergeant?
(a) Objective Baracuda.
(b) Objective Logan.
(c) Objective Simon.
(d) Objective South.

Short Answer Questions

1. When was Hackworth's unit told they were going on reserve?

2. When did Easy company join the United Nations in a joint operation?

3. Where was Company D sent to?

4. How many men did Hackworth select for his new unit?

5. What hospital was Hackworth transferred to after his head injury?

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