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David Hackworth
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did North Korea cross into South Korea?
(a) June 25, 1950.
(b) June 25, 1951.
(c) June 25, 1952.
(d) June 5, 1950.

2. What hill were the Raiders asked to take in Chapter 7?
(a) Hill 40.
(b) Hill 250.
(c) Hill 200.
(d) Hill 400.

3. Who initiated the Reduction in Force program?
(a) President Kennedy.
(b) President Nixon.
(c) President Johnson.
(d) President Eisenhower.

4. What were Hackworth and his platoon required to ask permission of Lt.Gilchrist before using?
(a) Their grenades.
(b) Their rifles.
(c) Their canteen.
(d) The latrine.

5. When did Hackworth decide he did not want to become an officer according to Chapter 5?
(a) After 3 years in the Army.
(b) After 2 years in the Army.
(c) After 5 years in the Army.
(d) After 4 years in the Army.

6. When were the Raiders disbanded?
(a) 1981.
(b) While Hackworth was recovering from an arm infection.
(c) Two years after the war ended.
(d) After Hackworth's transfer to the U.S.

7. What did Hackworth decide he wanted to do?
(a) Become a training officer in Vietnam.
(b) Learn German.
(c) Become a General.
(d) Teach military tactics.

8. What did Hackworth let his hierarchy know?
(a) That he was happy to teach.
(b) That he wanted to resign.
(c) That he wanted to stay in California.
(d) That he was unhappy with his assignment.

9. Why did Hackworth enlist in the army according to Chapter 2?
(a) To meet girls.
(b) To protect the country.
(c) To travel.
(d) To fight Communists.

10. Who announced to Hackworth and his men that they would have to reinforce Berlin?
(a) Endo.
(b) Steven.
(c) Johns.
(d) Makrus.

11. What was the name of the company commander?
(a) Captain Michaely.
(b) Captain Smith.
(c) Captain Ernie.
(d) Captain Markus.

12. What was Objective Jake Able?
(a) A river.
(b) A small school in the middle of flat land.
(c) A craggy, almost vertical hill.
(d) A fort.

13. Where was Hackworth wounded, according to Chapter 7?
(a) Legs and arms.
(b) Legs and back.
(c) Arm and chest.
(d) Back and head.

14. Where was Hackworth assigned to after his promotion?
(a) Dog Company.
(b) Bravo Company.
(c) Easy Company.
(d) Able Company.

15. What did Hackworth think of the war when he arrived in Korea?
(a) He thought it was lost.
(b) He thought it needed more troops.
(c) He thought the Chinese made the war unfair.
(d) He thought it was won.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Joe Rice make safer?

2. Who came to visit Hackworth on the front?

3. Where was Hackworth ordered to report after coming back to the U.S?

4. Why was Hackworth not able to finish his meal in Chapter 1?

5. How many of Hackworth's men were wounded during the capture of the hill?

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