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David Hackworth
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Objective Jake Able?
(a) A craggy, almost vertical hill.
(b) A fort.
(c) A small school in the middle of flat land.
(d) A river.

2. Where was Hackworth wounded, according to Chapter 7?
(a) Back and head.
(b) Arm and chest.
(c) Legs and arms.
(d) Legs and back.

3. Where was Hackworth assigned after returning to the U.S.?
(a) The 101st Airborne Division.
(b) The 1st Cavalier Division.
(c) The 5th Air Group.
(d) The 87th Airborne Division.

4. What was waning as Hackworth became an officer?
(a) The American Winter retreat.
(b) The North Korean Summer Offensive.
(c) The Chinese Spring Offensive.
(d) The South Korean fall stand off.

5. When was Hackworth transferred to the battle group Combat Support Company?
(a) January 1962.
(b) August 1963.
(c) January 1966.
(d) May 1961.

6. Who did Hackworth marry?
(a) Sophie Moore.
(b) Antonia Martin.
(c) Patty Stanford.
(d) Patty Leonard.

7. When did Hackworth decide he did not want to become an officer according to Chapter 5?
(a) After 5 years in the Army.
(b) After 2 years in the Army.
(c) After 3 years in the Army.
(d) After 4 years in the Army.

8. Who position did Hackworth occupy in the 108th Army Group?
(a) Group Training Officer.
(b) Group Logistic Officer.
(c) Group Supply Officer.
(d) Group Intelligence Officer.

9. When did the United Nations armies cross the 38th parallel?
(a) By March.
(b) By June.
(c) By January.
(d) By July.

10. What officer's club did Hackworth say he got drunk at?
(a) The 5th Fleet Officer Club.
(b) The First Army Officer Club.
(c) The Fifth Air Force Officer Club.
(d) The 101st Airborne Officer Club.

11. Who came to visit Hackworth on the front?
(a) Jack Markus.
(b) Mark Stevens.
(c) Fred Crispino.
(d) Gail Herart.

12. Where was Hackworth ordered to report after coming back to the U.S?
(a) Fort Collins.
(b) Fort Bragg.
(c) Fort Adams.
(d) Fort Benning.

13. What did Easy company spend their time in reserve doing?
(a) Building roads.
(b) Playing poker.
(c) Treating wounded.
(d) Training.

14. Where did Hackworth and the medic find more North Koreans soldiers before the North Korean counterattack?
(a) In a broken down vehicle.
(b) In a bunker.
(c) In a house.
(d) In a trench.

15. Who turned out to be a spy in Chapter 11?
(a) Jack Kragger.
(b) John Steven.
(c) Harold Borger.
(d) Jeff Bradley.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many students were in Hackworth's class?

2. When did North Korea cross into South Korea?

3. What did Hackworth teach?

4. Where was Hackworth treated for his wounds?

5. About what did Hackworth and his men learn thanks to North Korean soldiers they took prisoner?

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