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David Hackworth
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Essay Topic 1

Examine how prisoners of war were treated during the Korean War.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the reasons why the Korean War started, and how the issues between South and North Korea were resolved.

Essay Topic 3

Examine the history of enlistment in the United States military and determine whether Hackworth's case of underage enlistment was common.

Essay Topic 4

Examine the role of the United Nations in the Korean War.

Essay Topic 5

Compare the methods of Colonel Young with the methods of David H. Hackworth, and examine the reasons for their disagreements.

Essay Topic 6

Discuss what advantages the North Koreans had over American troops during the Korean War.

Essay Topic 7

Examine the significance of the reductions in force under President Eisenhower.

Essay Topic 8

Compare Eisenhower's view of the United States military spending with that of President Kennedy.

Essay Topic 9

Discuss the reasons of the Cuban missile crisis and how...

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