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David Hackworth
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Chapters 1-3

• Chapter 1 opens on February 1, 1951 with tanks moving in Korea.

• The unit came under fire, but troops were dazed and did not respond.

• Hackworth was with the 3rd platoon and 7 men were killed.

• Hackworth was put in charge of the unit.

• Hackworth and Van Mieter checked out the dike.

• Hackworth took Koreans prisoner, though his rifle was empty.

• Hackworth had to stop eating because of a sniper and was shot.
• In Chapter 2, Hackworth reveals that he enlisted when he was fifteen and was more interested in girls.

• Hackworth was accepted into the army and sent to Italy.

• Troops shifted to a peacetime army and his unit patrolled the Morgan Line.

• Hackworth trained under Steve Prazenka.

• On June 25, 1950, North Korea crossed into South Korea.

• Hackworth requested duty in Korea.

• In Chapter 3, the Chinese entered Korea.

• Hackworth realized Korea was not a training exercise.

Chapter 4

• In Chapter 4, Hackworth joined...

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