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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter four, an encounter is described taking place in an elevator between Alice and a young boy with cancer. What does he say about her type of cancer?
(a) "That's bad."
(b) "That's the worst kind."
(c) "They treat that like the common cold."
(d) "That's a dragon you can't slay."

2. Which phrase best describes Alice's religious views?
(a) Alice is somewhere between uninterested and hostile when it comes to religion.
(b) Alice converts to Catholicism as an adult.
(c) Alice is a devout Jew who raises her children with traditional religious values.
(d) Alice is outspoken about her views on the importance of attending church as a family.

3. What is Alice's Law of Compensatory Cash Flow?
(a) After a certain level of income, the government should take everything.
(b) A tax theory.
(c) Any money not spent on a luxury you can't afford is the equivalent of windfall income.
(d) Things like perfume, clothing, and jewelry should be purchased with money from her own paychecks.

4. What does Mina do to cheer herself up, and to lift the spirits of those around her?
(a) She dresses nicely.
(b) She plays inspirational songs.
(c) She plants flowers.
(d) She plays the piano.

5. In chapter five, an article on what subject in the Times enraged Alice?
(a) Cancer.
(b) A cigarette smoking lounge.
(c) A cigarette smoking ban.
(d) Shopping.

6. In chapter five, which person is mentioned as having volunteered at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp?
(a) Julie Andrews.
(b) Paul Newman.
(c) Julia Roberts.
(d) Emma Roberts.

7. What is one of the most negative words that Alice uses to describe a person?
(a) Passive.
(b) Aggressive.
(c) Ugly.
(d) Stupid.

8. Which of the following statements about Alice is true?
(a) She fights for smoker's rights.
(b) She promotes the idea of cigarette lounges in New York City.
(c) She is a chain-smoker.
(d) She hates cigarettes.

9. What advice does Calvin receive in the 1960s from an older writer at work?
(a) That Calvin shows his wife final drafts.
(b) That it is unwise of Calvin to show his wife his rough drafts.
(c) That Calvin reads his own rough drafts.
(d) That it is a good idea for Calvin to have his wife look at his first drafts.

10. What does Calvin's father do for a living?
(a) He is an accountant.
(b) He is a banker.
(c) He is a broker.
(d) He is a grocer.

11. How old are Alice's daughters when she has her first surgery following her cancer diagnosis?
(a) Four and seven.
(b) Thirty-five and thirty-eight.
(c) Fourteen and eighteen.
(d) Twelve and nine.

12. What is Alice's professional background?
(a) Alice is an English professor.
(b) Alice is a model and actress.
(c) Alice is a politician.
(d) Alice is a film editor.

13. What assumption does Alice make before she marries Calvin?
(a) She is relatively well-off after she marries Calvin.
(b) She is very wealthy after she marries Calvin.
(c) She has to make due with modest possessions after she marries Calvin.
(d) She is the breadwinner in her marriage to Calvin.

14. According to Calvin, his father is appalled by what kind of people?
(a) People who can't even afford rent traveling to Italy.
(b) People who can't even afford a cleaning woman living in a house that has to be rented most summers to pay the taxes.
(c) People who can't even afford sending their children to college spending money on fur coats.
(d) People who can't even afford groceries spending money on a cleaning woman.

15. According to Calvin, Alice has especially strong views about which of the following subjects?
(a) The environment.
(b) Cigarettes.
(c) Animal rights.
(d) Foreign oil.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the City College program in which Alice teaches under-prepared students?

2. When Calvin and Alice fid themselves in a hotel room that is not as they expect, what do they do?

3. According to Trillin, what does Alice want him to do with the money he saves during college?

4. In chapter five, which movie is referenced?

5. Trillin states that he is brought up in which city?

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