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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What disease does Alice's mother suffer from?
(a) Lung cancer.
(b) Ovarian cancer.
(c) Alzheimer's.
(d) Emphysema.

2. In chapter three, who writes the article that accompanies the fashion spread in which Alice is featured?
(a) Calvin.
(b) Nora Ephron.
(c) Alice Trillin.
(d) Mina Shaughnessy.

3. Where does Alice's father first meet Alice's mother?
(a) At a bowling alley.
(b) At a swimming pool.
(c) Greenwich Village.
(d) The Empire State Building.

4. What is the name of Calvin's youngest daughter?
(a) Sarah.
(b) Isabelle Alice.
(c) Maggie.
(d) Abigail.

5. At the end of chapter two, Calvin states that he is reviewing the galleys of a book. What is the book's subject?
(a) Parking in New York.
(b) Riding a bus in New York.
(c) Eating in New York restaurants.
(d) Bicycling in New York.

6. Where does Alice's father grow up?
(a) Nova Scotia.
(b) Rural North Carolina.
(c) New York's Westchester County.
(d) New York City.

7. How many siblings does Alice have?
(a) Alice has a twin sister.
(b) None, Alice is an only child.
(c) Alice has a brother and a sister.
(d) Alice has two sisters.

8. Who writes the condolence letter that makes Calvin laugh?
(a) Mina Shaughnessy.
(b) Dick Francis.
(c) Roger Wilkins.
(d) Richard Harris.

9. Where does Calvin keep one of the photos of Alice from the article in chapter three?
(a) On his mantle.
(b) On his bedside table.
(c) On his living room wall.
(d) On his desk.

10. In chapter one, what object does Alice wave in the air following Calvin's speech?
(a) A pen.
(b) A cigarette.
(c) A shoe.
(d) A book.

11. What is Alice's reasoning for agreeing to be photographed in a fashion issue of a magazine?
(a) Alice thinks it is a good way to make money.
(b) Alice thinks it helps her parents receive better treatment by the nurses at the nursing home where they live.
(c) Alice thinks it helps her launch a modeling career.
(d) Alice thinks it helps her husband receive better reviews of his work by critics.

12. Calvin states that he never sees Alice read which type of magazine?
(a) Medical.
(b) Finance.
(c) Literary.
(d) Fashion.

13. What is the name of the magazine that hosts the party where Calvin first meets Alice?
(a) Life.
(b) The New Yorker.
(c) Times Magazine.
(d) Monocle.

14. What is written on the envelope in which Alice keeps special items?
(a) Trillin Family Mementos.
(b) Important Stuff.
(c) Memories.
(d) Treasures.

15. In chapter two, what fact about Dick Francis and his wife does Calvin share with the reader?
(a) Francis and his wife meet at a magazine party.
(b) Francis' wife is a frequent character in her husband's books.
(c) Francis relies on his wife to help him produce his books.
(d) Francis is serious, and his wife never stops trying to impress him.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Calvin, why does Alice take out bank loans in her twenties?

2. According to Calvin, why does he show Alice everything he writes in rough draft?

3. Where does Alice spend her childhood?

4. According to Calvin, which of the following best describes Alice at age fifty?

5. Calvin states that he and his wife disagree about which of the following details from the night when they first meet?

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