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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Alice attend college?
(a) New York University.
(b) Wellesley College.
(c) Hofstra University.
(d) City University of New York.

2. In chapter five, Trillin states that he once gives a speech at the annual dinner for which organization?
(a) The Yale Westchester Alumni Association.
(b) Yale-Newhaven Hospital.
(c) Yale University.
(d) Yale Senior Society.

3. According to Calvin, what photo of Alice appears on the cover of the program at her memorial service?
(a) A photo of Alice taken in Italy. It is taken when she is in her fifties.
(b) A photo of Alice teaching in a classroom. It is taken when she is in her thirties.
(c) A photo of Alice wearing a hat. It is taken when she is in her twenties.
(d) A photo of Alice gardening. It is taken when she is in her forties.

4. What type of cancer does Alice have?
(a) Lung cancer.
(b) Breast cancer.
(c) Eye cancer.
(d) Thyroid cancer.

5. According to Calvin, what leads to his success in courting Alice?
(a) His dumb luck and good looks.
(b) His reluctance to speak.
(c) His dumb luck and one or two deliberate moves.
(d) His pipe smoking and fame as a writer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Alice tells her husband that he peaks in which year?

2. How many siblings does Alice have?

3. What assumption does Alice make before she marries Calvin?

4. How old are Alice's daughters when she has her first surgery following her cancer diagnosis?

5. Alice reads this note from a Hole in the Wall Gang camper's parents:

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