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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter five, Alice is quoted as saying the following about her mother:
(a) " ... the most loving and devoted mother in the world."
(b) " ... a role model to me and to women everywhere."
(c) " ... an intellectual in a time when women are only expected to be pretty."
(d) " ... the least cool person I have ever known."

2. What is the theme of the poem at the introduction of chapter three?
(a) Alice's views on taxation.
(b) Alice's 61st birthday.
(c) Alice's 50th birthday.
(d) Alice's intellectualism.

3. What does Abigail do for a living?
(a) She is a model.
(b) She is a food critic.
(c) She is a TV reporter.
(d) She is a legal-services attorney for children.

4. Which of the following statements about Alice is true?
(a) She promotes the idea of cigarette lounges in New York City.
(b) She hates cigarettes.
(c) She is a chain-smoker.
(d) She fights for smoker's rights.

5. What is Alice's cause of death?
(a) A brain tumor.
(b) Drug overdose.
(c) Cardiac arrest.
(d) Drowning.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of the following, which one best describes Calvin and Alice's first home?

2. How many siblings does Alice have?

3. Why does Calvin not want to pay the contractor more money than he originally quotes for their home project?

4. In what month and year does Calvin first meet Alice?

5. In chapter eight, Trillin reveals that, like Alice, he undergoes which surgery?

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