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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 4-6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter three, Calvin includes a quote from a friend of Alice who speaks at her memorial service. Who is this person?
(a) Nora Ephron.
(b) Mina Shaughnessy.
(c) Mary Francis.
(d) Alice's father.

2. Of the following, which one is an accurate statement of Calvin's views?
(a) Alice is unable to provide constructive criticism.
(b) Alice is better at reading than writing.
(c) Alice is not as educated as her husband.
(d) Alice is better educated than her husband.

3. What is the name of Alice's friend and colleague who has ovarian cancer?
(a) Annie Navasky.
(b) Maggie Smith.
(c) Mina Shaughnessy.
(d) Jane Maher.

4. At the end of chapter two, Calvin states that he is reviewing the galleys of a book. What is the book's subject?
(a) Eating in New York restaurants.
(b) Parking in New York.
(c) Riding a bus in New York.
(d) Bicycling in New York.

5. Which phrase best characterizes the relationship that Alice has with her parents?
(a) Alice is spoiled. She is the center of her parent's lives.
(b) Alice acts as caretaker to her parents.
(c) Alice's parents solve all of her problems for her.
(d) Alice admires her parents and models her own parenting style on theirs.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Calvin, when is Alice at her "bossiest"?

2. What advice does Calvin receive in the 1960s from an older writer at work?

3. Where does Alice spend her childhood?

4. What is the name of Calvin's youngest daughter?

5. When does Calvin read the obituary of Dick Francis' wife?

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