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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 1-3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of chapter three, Calvin tells a story about Alice in which she makes an annual trip to which of the following locations?
(a) A plant nursery in New Jersey.
(b) A summer home in Nova Scotia.
(c) A brownstone in Greenwich Village.
(d) Her best friend's grave.

2. Calvin claims that the first time he sees Alice, he detects what quality about her heritage?
(a) Alice is European.
(b) Alice is Jewish.
(c) Alice is Swedish.
(d) Alice is Irish.

3. In what year does Alice die?
(a) 2006.
(b) 1990.
(c) 2001.
(d) 1976.

4. At which institution does Alice teach English in her mid-twenties?
(a) New York University.
(b) Wellesley College.
(c) Yale University.
(d) Hofstra Universtity.

5. According to Calvin, what kinds of men are attracted to Alice?
(a) Guys with pipes.
(b) Comedians.
(c) Contractors.
(d) Lawyers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which phrase best characterizes the relationship that Alice has with her parents?

2. What is the headline in the magazine article in which Alice is featured as a model at the age of thirty-five?

3. According to Calvin, what leads to his success in courting Alice?

4. In chapter two, how much time passes between Calvin's first and second meeting with Alice?

5. Where does Alice's father grow up?

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