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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 1-3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Calvin's second poem in chapter three, he likens Alice to which of the following?
(a) A dietitian in sensible shoes.
(b) A lass from Generation X.
(c) A World War II nurse.
(d) A fast driver.

2. Which phrase best characterizes the relationship that Alice has with her parents?
(a) Alice's parents solve all of her problems for her.
(b) Alice admires her parents and models her own parenting style on theirs.
(c) Alice is spoiled. She is the center of her parent's lives.
(d) Alice acts as caretaker to her parents.

3. In what year does Alice die?
(a) 2006.
(b) 1976.
(c) 2001.
(d) 1990.

4. How does Calvin portray his wife Alice in books and magazine articles written before she dies?
(a) The goofball.
(b) The voice of reason.
(c) The cancer victim.
(d) The wicked witch.

5. According to Calvin, what photo of Alice appears on the cover of the program at her memorial service?
(a) A photo of Alice wearing a hat. It is taken when she is in her twenties.
(b) A photo of Alice teaching in a classroom. It is taken when she is in her thirties.
(c) A photo of Alice taken in Italy. It is taken when she is in her fifties.
(d) A photo of Alice gardening. It is taken when she is in her forties.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which statement best describes Alice's upbringing?

2. In chapter one, what object does Alice wave in the air following Calvin's speech?

3. In chapter one, Calvin includes an excerpt from a letter that Alice writes to a woman who is victimized. What Shakespeare play does she reference in her letter?

4. In chapter two, what fact about Dick Francis and his wife does Calvin share with the reader?

5. What is Alice's mother doing for a living when she meets Alice's father?

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