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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 4-6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What point is Alice trying to make when she says that someone "doesn't have a very nice life"?
(a) People who "don't have a very nice life" are financially well off, but physically ill people who "don't have a very nice life" ware not as attractive as she.
(b) People who "don't have a very nice life" are not as lucky as Alice and Calvin.
(c) People who "don't have a very nice life" are obscenely rich.
(d) People who "don't have a very nice life" are obscenely rich.

2. According to Calvin, Alice believes which one of the following statements to be true?
(a) People who want to learn can be taught, no matter what their background.
(b) People with certain backgrounds, such as those in drug treatment programs, are unable to be taught.
(c) People who lack optimism cannot be taught.
(d) People with remedial skills cannot be taught.

3. Where does Alice's father first meet Alice's mother?
(a) Greenwich Village.
(b) At a bowling alley.
(c) At a swimming pool.
(d) The Empire State Building.

4. In chapter five, Trillin states that he once gives a speech at the annual dinner for which organization?
(a) Yale Senior Society.
(b) The Yale Westchester Alumni Association.
(c) Yale University.
(d) Yale-Newhaven Hospital.

5. Trillin states that while on a trip to a foreign country, the main subject for discussion by American tourists is ...
(a) How much it snows.
(b) How much a melon cost.
(c) How much it rains.
(d) How much a hotel room cost.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which phrase best describes Alice's religious views?

2. In chapter two, how does Calvin characterize his behavior during his second meeting with Alice?

3. What is Alice's maiden name?

4. Where does Alice's father grow up?

5. What is the headline for Alice's obituary in the Times?

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