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Condolence Notes

Calvin Trillin receives many of these items after his wife dies. Many come from his readers who do not know Alice, but feel as if they do because of his descriptions of her in his work.

Important Stuff Envelope

Alice kept letters she writes, letters written to her, and newspaper clippings in an object that is marked with a special name.


Alice is involved in this special program at City College. The program is designed to help unprepared college students succeed through remedial courses, tutoring, counseling and stipends.

Lung Cancer

Alice suffers with this disease and undergoes radiation treatments that damages her heart, leading to her death twenty-five years later.

Alice's Tax

This is a plan Alice comes up with that states at a certain income level, all of a person's money goes directly to the government in order to help feed starving children.

Errors and Expectations

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