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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-3)


Chapters one through three.

Calvin Trillin write this memoir as a tribute to his late wife Alice. Trillin's love and admiration for her is displayed in the many articles and books in which he features her as a real-life character. When Alice dies, Trillin receives condolence letters from people who know her well, and also from his readers; people who never meet Alice, but who feel they know her well based on Trillin's writing. They, too, share his loss. One reader says in a letter to Trillin that she " ... sometimes looks at her boyfriend and thinks, 'But will he love me like Calvin loves Alice?'" (pg. 6) This lesson focuses on the theme of love.


1. Small Group Activity: Break the class into four groups. Ask students to discuss and record evidence of Trillin's love for his wife Alice. In what ways does love motivate the...

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