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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Mary Todd been doing while Lincoln entertains his guests?
(a) Making tea.
(b) Throwing a tantrum.
(c) Hemming a dress.
(d) Listening at the door.

2. Who, in Lincoln's headquarters, is the most anxious about the voting returns?
(a) Mary Todd Lincoln.
(b) Ninian Edwards.
(c) Robert Lincoln.
(d) Josh Speed.

3. What causes Lincoln to change his mind about his future?
(a) After seeing Seth Gale's son, Lincoln realizes how much he wants children.
(b) After meeting Seth Gale, Lincoln realizes his destiny is in national service, as Mary always said.
(c) He fails as a farmer and sees he must return to politics.
(d) He understands he's not getting any younger or better looking, so it's time to settle down.

4. Who is the moderator of the debate between Lincoln and Douglas?
(a) Whoopi Goldberg.
(b) Elizabeth Edwards.
(c) Ninian Edwards.
(d) Bowling Green.

5. When Lincoln leaves the parlor for a moment, how does one of his visitors in Act 3, Scene 9 describe him?
(a) A demagogue who could play the ringmaster in a Barnum and Bailey Circus.
(b) A lawyer as crooked as a dog's hind leg.
(c) One of the smoothest, slickest politicians that ever hoodwinked a yokel mob.
(d) One of the most astute politicians who ever emerged from a backwoods log cabin.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Lincoln as he leaves Illinois for the White House?

2. How is Lincoln's appearance different from Election Day?

3. What is the last line of the play, sung by the crowd?

4. In the debate, Lincoln accuses Douglas of pandering to both sides of the slavery issue. What does he mean?

5. Douglas accuses Lincoln of having sympathy for slaves but no sympathy for another suffering group of people. Who are they?

Short Essay Questions

1. A few days after meeting Seth Gale, Abe Lincoln arrives at the home of Mary Todd. She is still single and Abe plans to ask her, again, to marry him. Does the fact that Mary is still single, two years after the broken engagement to Lincoln, indicate anything about her character? Support your answer with your interpretation of the text, both from Act 2, Scene 8 and from earlier episodes in the play.

2. Lincoln tells Mary Todd that his encounter with Seth Gale a few days earlier was the spur that brought him to her door. What was the decision Lincoln made while visiting with Gale and how does the playwright convey Lincoln's ambivalence about that decision?

3. Lincoln, says Douglas in the debate, is stirring up rebellion against authority. What is the danger that Douglas foresees? And what is the solution he proposes?

4. In Act 3, Scene 9, Stephen Douglas says the question of equal rights for slaves has been legally settled. How was the issue settled and what was the decision?

5. In Act 2, Scene 8, Lincoln apologizes for being a coward. He says he shrank from the marriage because he didn't want or believe in the destiny Mary envisions for him. Now, though, he says he wants to "strive to deserve" her faith. Does the way that Lincoln again asks her to marry him indicate that he loves her or has some other reason for marrying her?

6. While Lincoln asserts that he submits to the will of God, he doesn't belong to any church. What are his objections to organized forms of worship?

7. Almost at the moment he learns of his election, Lincoln's life changes in a way he doesn't like. In the play, who or want is the sign of this change? And which of the play's themes does this change fit into?

8. Where is Gale taking his family as he meets with Lincoln in Act 2, Scene 7? Why is he going?

9. Lincoln has an outburst of his own, in response to Mary. What are his complaints against her?

10. In their debate, Lincoln compares Douglas to a woman watching her husband fight for his life with a bear. When asked by her husband for an encouraging word, the woman says, "Go husband. Go bear." What was Lincoln saying about Douglas in that comparison?

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