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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lincoln considering as his first act as president?
(a) Annexing Texas.
(b) Freeing the slaves.
(c) Growing a beard.
(d) Abolishing the Supreme Court.

2. Asked how he'll feel if he loses, how does Lincoln predict he will feel?
(a) The greatest sense of relief.
(b) Afraid to face Mary.
(c) As flustered as a toad in hot water.
(d) Crushed beyond belief.

3. Seth Gale tells Abe he's feeling "pretty scared" about his son's health. What does Lincoln tell him?
(a) He urges Gale not to be scared, that he is doing a "big thing" and shouldn't let anything beat him down.
(b) He offers to burn some incense and herbs to smoke out the boy's fever.
(c) He tells Gale that he, too, is scared but he will go West with the Gale family.
(d) He agrees Gale should be scared and urges him to turn back.

4. Who, in Lincoln's headquarters, is the most anxious about the voting returns?
(a) Mary Todd Lincoln.
(b) Ninian Edwards.
(c) Robert Lincoln.
(d) Josh Speed.

5. What are the issues on Lincoln's mind as he addresses the crowd?
(a) A strike by factory workers in New Jersey.
(b) The cost of maintaining the railroads.
(c) His wife's mental health.
(d) The break-up of the Union because 11 states have promised to secede.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the essential element Lincoln's party is seeking in a presidential candidate when they ask him to run?

2. What does Lincoln ask Mary Todd in Act 2, Scene 8?

3. What promise does Mary Todd extract from Lincoln before agreeing to marry him?

4. What is Mary Todd Lincoln's response to her husband's suggestion that she go home?

5. How old is Lincoln as he leaves Illinois for the White House?

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