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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Lincoln's appearance different from Election Day?
(a) There is a patch over one eye.
(b) He is walking with a cane.
(c) He has shaved his head.
(d) He has a beard.

2. The influential men visiting Lincoln ask about his views on which two topics?
(a) Taxes and slavery.
(b) Slavery and bank regulation.
(c) Workers rights and religious faith.
(d) Religion and interstate commerce.

3. What is the essential element Lincoln's party is seeking in a presidential candidate when they ask him to run?
(a) A willingness to raise taxes.
(b) An anti-slavery attitude.
(c) The ability to get elected.
(d) A strong military policy.

4. What is the last line of the play, sung by the crowd?
(a) "His soul goes marching on."
(b) "God bless America."
(c) "Happy days are here again."
(d) "He stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni."

5. What is Lincoln considering as his first act as president?
(a) Annexing Texas.
(b) Growing a beard.
(c) Freeing the slaves.
(d) Abolishing the Supreme Court.

Short Answer Questions

1. What institution does Douglas use to bolster his argument that negroes are not equal under the Constitution?

2. Seth Gale tells Abe he's feeling "pretty scared" about his son's health. What does Lincoln tell him?

3. What is it that the visitors to Lincoln's home in Act 3, Scene 10 want to talk about with him?

4. At the beginning of Act 3, Scene 10, Lincoln is sitting in his parlor with his sons. How many did he have?

5. In the debate, Lincoln accuses Douglas of pandering to both sides of the slavery issue. What does he mean?

Short Essay Questions

1. A few days after meeting Seth Gale, Abe Lincoln arrives at the home of Mary Todd. She is still single and Abe plans to ask her, again, to marry him. Does the fact that Mary is still single, two years after the broken engagement to Lincoln, indicate anything about her character? Support your answer with your interpretation of the text, both from Act 2, Scene 8 and from earlier episodes in the play.

2. Lincoln, says Douglas in the debate, is stirring up rebellion against authority. What is the danger that Douglas foresees? And what is the solution he proposes?

3. As he is leaving Springfield, what is Lincoln's hope regarding his future?

4. Until he was elected, Lincoln was clean-shaven. But, as he heads to Washington to take office, he is bearded. Why did he grow a beard?

5. At the beginning of the play's final scene, it's clear that national tension have risen as a result of Lincoln's election. What worries Kavanagh as he waits for the Lincolns to board the train for Washington?

6. Lincoln has an outburst of his own, in response to Mary. What are his complaints against her?

7. The cheering crowd chants for Lincoln to make a speech from the back of the railroad car. He begins by naming the problems facing the nation. But he finishes on a note of hope. What outcome is Lincoln hoping to achieve?

8. On Election Day, as the Lincolns wait for voting results, Mary becomes increasingly anxious. Finally, Lincoln suggests she go home to wait. She responds with a surprising outburst. What does she say and why does she feel so strongly?

9. Despite Mary Lincoln's and Josh Speed's entreaties that Lincoln treat his visitors seriously because they are influential, Lincoln can't help but give them a little of his backwood's humor. How does he respond when Henry D. Sturveson says they have come to see if Lincoln will be a suitable candidate?

10. While Lincoln asserts that he submits to the will of God, he doesn't belong to any church. What are his objections to organized forms of worship?

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