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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the moderator of the debate between Lincoln and Douglas?
(a) Ninian Edwards.
(b) Elizabeth Edwards.
(c) Whoopi Goldberg.
(d) Bowling Green.

2. What has Lincoln been doing since breaking his engagement to Mary Todd?
(a) Just drifting, down around Kentucky and Indiana.
(b) Studying to become a missionary preacher.
(c) Teaching down in Kentucky and Indiana.
(d) Practicing law and building a fortune.

3. What does Jack Armstrong tell Seth Gale about Lincoln while they wait for Lincoln's arrival in Act 2, Scene 7?
(a) Lincoln has "slipped down and ain't much like his comical self."
(b) Lincoln has "come up in town and thinks too much of himself."
(c) Lincoln "ain't the same since he married Mary Todd."
(d) Lincoln "is his same comical old self."

4. How does Lincoln frequently begin a sentence after his election?
(a) "As I live and breath..."
(b) "Whatever..."
(c) "Funnily enough..."
(d) "If I live..."

5. What's the first thing one of the guests in Act 3, Scene 10 does after sitting down in the Lincolns' parlor?
(a) Congratulates Lincoln on the beauty of the house.
(b) Offers Lincoln a job running his company.
(c) Asks permission to smoke a cigar.
(d) Spills tea on the sofa.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Mary's first words to Abe when he arrives after a two-year absence?

2. Who, in Lincoln's headquarters, is the most anxious about the voting returns?

3. What does Seth Gale's wife want for her sick son, besides the help of a doctor?

4. What is the fear of those assigned to protect Lincoln on his way to Washington?

5. How does Mary Todd describe Lincoln's behavior and absence over the previous two years?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Act 2, Scene 7, it has been two years since Lincoln broke off his engagement. He has been drifting since then, but has returned to New Salem in time to meet his old friend, Seth Gale. The Gale family is heading west, to Oregon. Gale has had a hard journey and now his young son is suffering from swamp fever. What does he want from Lincoln at this time?

2. The cheering crowd chants for Lincoln to make a speech from the back of the railroad car. He begins by naming the problems facing the nation. But he finishes on a note of hope. What outcome is Lincoln hoping to achieve?

3. While Lincoln asserts that he submits to the will of God, he doesn't belong to any church. What are his objections to organized forms of worship?

4. As he is leaving Springfield, what is Lincoln's hope regarding his future?

5. Josh Speed is awaiting Lincoln's visitors, too. He is clearly aware of the tensions between Mary and Abe. How does Speed respond when Mary suggests that Speed, among others, probably thinks of her as a bitter, nagging woman?

6. Despite Mary Lincoln's and Josh Speed's entreaties that Lincoln treat his visitors seriously because they are influential, Lincoln can't help but give them a little of his backwood's humor. How does he respond when Henry D. Sturveson says they have come to see if Lincoln will be a suitable candidate?

7. In Act 3, Scene 9, Stephen Douglas says the question of equal rights for slaves has been legally settled. How was the issue settled and what was the decision?

8. Until he was elected, Lincoln was clean-shaven. But, as he heads to Washington to take office, he is bearded. Why did he grow a beard?

9. Almost at the moment he learns of his election, Lincoln's life changes in a way he doesn't like. In the play, who or want is the sign of this change? And which of the play's themes does this change fit into?

10. In his prayer for Seth Gale's son, Lincoln also prays for something else. What is it?

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