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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In a poem that Lincoln reads in the first scene, what is it that the poet finds strange about people?
(a) They are afraid to face death alone.
(b) They dance through life unaware of pleasure.
(c) They think of death as an awakening.
(d) They look forward to death, even when life is good.

2. Who is President during the time represented in Act 2, Scene 4?
(a) Martin Van Buren.
(b) Winston Churchill.
(c) Harrison Ford.
(d) Thomas Jefferson.

3. Lincoln and Mary Todd are getting married, yet he seems to be in despair. Why?
(a) Mary Todd has run off with Billy Herndon.
(b) He wants to break the engagement and leave Mary Todd at the altar.
(c) He discovers he loves Elizabeth Edwards, not Mary Todd.
(d) Mary Todd has written him a letter, breaking their engagement.

4. Who is Ninian Edwards?
(a) Uncle of Elizabeth Edwards.
(b) Son of the Illinois governor.
(c) A merchant passing through New Salem.
(d) Josh Speed's stepbrother.

5. Why is Mary Todd so sure that Lincoln will be a success, and not stop to tell jokes, as her sister predicts?
(a) She doesn't care if he's a success; she has a huge inheritance that will support them both.
(b) Because she knows that Lincoln is not very good at telling jokes and has a strong streak of ambition.
(c) Because Lincoln has confided his dream of becoming a successful merchant and moving to New York.
(d) Because she is strong enough to make sure he moves along the road of success without stopping.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lincoln's attitude toward people?

2. How does Lincoln surprise Ann Rutledge while she is clearing tables during Act 1, Scene 2?

3. What does Lincoln's teacher suggest Lincoln do to improve his life?

4. What is it about politics that Lincoln dislikes?

5. Where has Lincoln been, just before he arrives at the Edwards' home in Act 2, Scene 5?

Short Essay Questions

1. Ninian Edwards is Lincoln's friend and an admirer, he tells Mary Todd. And yet, he is still unsure what she sees in Lincoln as a potential husband. What does Mary Todd tell her brother-in-law in response to that question?

2. What sentiment does Daniel Webster express in the speech that Lincoln reads in Act 1, Scene 1?

3. According to Act 1, Scene 3, what is the relationship of Lincoln to Nancy and Bowling Green?

4. Josh Speed and Bowling Green are longtime friends of Lincoln's; they have urged him for years to seek higher political office. In Act 2, Scene 4, what is their attitude toward Lincoln's reluctance to run for an important elected position?

5. Ninian Edwards, Lincoln's friend and brother-in-law of Mary Todd, enters with a gift and a wedding day message to Lincoln. What do the gift and the message tell the audience about Mary Todd?

6. What is Lincoln's feeling about his career prospects as a young adult studying English in New Salem?

7. How does Mary Todd characterize the man her sister married and the life they have together? And what is wrong with that life, according to Mary Todd?

8. Nancy Green and Bowling Green have a disagreement about whether Ann Rutledge is good for Lincoln. What are their respective opinions?

9. Lincoln is reluctant to consider running for State Assembly. What is his main objection?

10. The informal committee that came to recruit Lincoln to run for State Assembly in Act 1, Scene 2 has a larger political purpose in mind. What is it?

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