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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What legal case established that slaves should be considered property?
(a) The Slaughterhouse Cases.
(b) Marbury v. Madison.
(c) Brown v. Board of Education.
(d) Dred Scott v. Sandford.

2. The influential men visiting Lincoln ask about his views on which two topics?
(a) Workers rights and religious faith.
(b) Taxes and slavery.
(c) Religion and interstate commerce.
(d) Slavery and bank regulation.

3. What is Lincoln doing as he waits for the voting results?
(a) Pacing nervously.
(b) Reading newspapers.
(c) Bouncing a tennis ball.
(d) Writing his memoirs.

4. What is Lincoln wearing as he arrives for the train to Washington?
(a) A gray, hand-tailored suit.
(b) A straw hat.
(c) The kilt of his family's clan.
(d) A plaid shawl over his shoulders.

5. How does Lincoln conclude his prayer for the health of Jimmy Gale?
(a) "Grant this boy the breath to live long enough to bury his father."
(b) "Give us all strength, oh God, to do the work that is before us."
(c) "Give us the strength to bear the death of this young boy."
(d) "Grant us the will to fight for the vitality of our nation."

6. What is the name of President-elect Lincoln's bodyguard?
(a) Gilooly.
(b) O'Reilly.
(c) Kavanagh.
(d) Hodgson.

7. What has Mary Todd been doing while Lincoln entertains his guests?
(a) Hemming a dress.
(b) Listening at the door.
(c) Throwing a tantrum.
(d) Making tea.

8. To which of Shakespeare's characters does Douglas compare Lincoln?
(a) Romeo.
(b) Hamlet.
(c) Macbeth.
(d) Brutus.

9. What is it about the Gale family's plans that seems most important to Lincoln?
(a) The success they've achieved with the dry-cleaning business.
(b) The care they have for the nation and the possiblity they will abandon America if slavery spreads.
(c) The relationship they've developed with Gobey.
(d) Their big dreams for their son's future.

10. What are the railroad workers in Illinois doing, according to Douglas, to protest their low wages?
(a) Nothing--they can't afford to offend their employers.
(b) They are marching, singing "I've been working on the railroad."
(c) They are striking, refusing to work.
(d) Looking for jobs in other industries.

11. What are Lincoln's visitors really looking for in their candidate for President?
(a) A candidate with enough education to appeal to businessmen.
(b) A man who will appeal to Southerners leaning toward secession.
(c) Someone honest enough to tell voters the truth, regardless of the consequences.
(d) Someone who will do what they tell him, both before and after the election.

12. How is the crowd outside receiving voting results?
(a) Through their Twitter accounts.
(b) Announcements are made by loudspeaker.
(c) A crier shouts the results from the roof of the State House.
(d) By images flashed by a magic lantern outside the State House.

13. Mary Todd enters Act 2, Scene 10 while Lincoln is talking with his sons and objects to something the oldest son is doing. What is it?
(a) Playing the piano with sticky fingers.
(b) Scratching under his arm.
(c) Putting his feet on the furniture.
(d) Smoking in the parlor.

14. What is Mary Todd Lincoln's response to her husband's suggestion that she go home?
(a) She bursts into tears and slaps him.
(b) She turns silently and leaves the room.
(c) She becomes hysterical and says her husband hates her.
(d) She laughs and insists she's staying until the bitter end.

15. What is the name of Seth Gale's young son?
(a) Jeremy.
(b) Joshua.
(c) Jonathon.
(d) Jimmy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lincoln describe Douglas' verbal skills?

2. What is it that the visitors to Lincoln's home in Act 3, Scene 10 want to talk about with him?

3. What are the issues on Lincoln's mind as he addresses the crowd?

4. How does Mary Todd describe Lincoln's behavior and absence over the previous two years?

5. How does Mary Todd accept Lincoln's proposal at the end of Act 2, Scene 8?

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