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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What plans are afoot in South Carolina in case of a Lincoln victory?
(a) A 10,000-man march on Washington.
(b) Emancipation of slaves in the state.
(c) Secession from the Union.
(d) A Republican victory celebration with fireworks.

2. At the end of Scene 2, Act 8, what is Lincoln's response to Mary's actions?
(a) Repulsed by her embrace, he backs away and again changes his mind.
(b) He stands stiffly and dreams of moving to Oregon with Seth Gale.
(c) He responds awkwardly, embracing her loosely while staring down at the carpet.
(d) He is as enthusiastic as she is and dances a little jig.

3. What is Lincoln doing as he waits for the voting results?
(a) Writing his memoirs.
(b) Pacing nervously.
(c) Bouncing a tennis ball.
(d) Reading newspapers.

4. How does Mary Todd describe her part in the break-up of the engagement to Lincoln?
(a) She knows her lack of confidence in his ability made him sad.
(b) She admits her love was based on financial greed.
(c) She agrees her incessant chatter drove Lincoln crazy.
(d) She acknowledges pushing him too hard to fulfill her ambitions.

5. What is the mood of the crowd surging around Lincoln at the railroad station?
(a) Disapproving and sullen.
(b) Happy and admiring.
(c) There was no crowd, it was pouring rain.
(d) Hostile and silent.

6. What are Mary's first words to Abe when he arrives after a two-year absence?
(a) "You should be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Lincoln."
(b) "I always knew you would return to me, Abe."
(c) "Mr. Lincoln, you are not my idea of a good man."
(d) "I'm glad to see you again, Mr. Lincoln."

7. To which of Shakespeare's characters does Douglas compare Lincoln?
(a) Brutus.
(b) Macbeth.
(c) Romeo.
(d) Hamlet.

8. What is Mary Todd Lincoln's response to her husband's suggestion that she go home?
(a) She laughs and insists she's staying until the bitter end.
(b) She becomes hysterical and says her husband hates her.
(c) She bursts into tears and slaps him.
(d) She turns silently and leaves the room.

9. What is the name of Seth Gale's young son?
(a) Jimmy.
(b) Joshua.
(c) Jeremy.
(d) Jonathon.

10. What does Lincoln do with his notes before he begins speaking in the debate with Douglas?
(a) Rips them to pieces.
(b) Sticks them under his chair.
(c) Puts them on the podium.
(d) Puts them in his hat.

11. How does Lincoln frequently begin a sentence after his election?
(a) "As I live and breath..."
(b) "Whatever..."
(c) "If I live..."
(d) "Funnily enough..."

12. What distinction does Lincoln draw between the slaves and downtrodden workers in the North?
(a) Slaves live on plantations, workers live in cities.
(b) The workers have the right to strike, slaves do not.
(c) The slaves can run away, the workers cannot.
(d) The workers live with harsh winters, the slaves do not.

13. What is the dream from ancient times that Lincoln speaks of in his farewell?
(a) A dream that every home will have a chicken in every pot.
(b) Mankind's dream of shaking off chains and finding freedom in the brotherhood of life.
(c) The dream of stepping foot on the moon.
(d) A hope that every child will be born with a silver spoon for safe-keeping.

14. Who is the moderator of the debate between Lincoln and Douglas?
(a) Ninian Edwards.
(b) Bowling Green.
(c) Elizabeth Edwards.
(d) Whoopi Goldberg.

15. Douglas accuses Lincoln of having sympathy for slaves but no sympathy for another suffering group of people. Who are they?
(a) Auto workers in Detroit.
(b) Textile workers in the North.
(c) Seamstresses on the East Coast.
(d) Windsurfers in Hawaii.

Short Answer Questions

1. What state delivers the final votes needed for Lincoln's victory?

2. How is Lincoln's appearance different from Election Day?

3. In the debate, Douglas says Lincoln appears innocent but is very good at doing something dangerous with his words. What is it?

4. What has Lincoln been doing since breaking his engagement to Mary Todd?

5. What promise does Mary Todd extract from Lincoln before agreeing to marry him?

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