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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mary Todd tell her brother-in-law when he asks why she has chosen him as a husband?
(a) She can't give him a simple answer, but his is the life and destiny she wants to share.
(b) She believes Lincoln is destined for wealth and fame, which she craves.
(c) She responds that Lincoln will provide a life of stability and security.
(d) She says she loves Lincoln's political ambitions and his resemblance to Lochinvar.

2. When Act 2, Scene 4 opens in Lincoln's Springfield law office, how much time has passed since the death of Ann Rutledge?
(a) Six months.
(b) Thirteen years.
(c) Five years.
(d) Two years.

3. How does Act 1, Scene 3, in which Ann Rutledge dies, come to an end?
(a) The scene ends with a prayer spoken by Nancy Green.
(b) The scene ends with only a beam of light from Abe's attic illuminating the stage.
(c) The scene concludes with Lincoln on his knees in the attic, sobbing.
(d) The scene ends when Lincoln stumbles offstage, leaving his friends worried about his fate.

4. What organization wants Lincoln to give a speech?
(a) The AFL-CIO.
(b) The Elijiah Lovejoy League of Freemen.
(c) The American Civil Liberties Union.
(d) The Democratic Party of Quincy, Ill.

5. What is the weather, as the Greens sit in their parlor, waiting for Abe to return from Ann Rutledge's home?
(a) A gentle breeze ruffles the leaves of autumn trees.
(b) The sun is shining brightly.
(c) It is storming, windy and rainy.
(d) A blizzard is going on.

6. What happens to Ann Rutledge?
(a) Bitten by a mosquito, she is paralzyed and left speechless.
(b) She dies of a brain sickness.
(c) She runs away to Chicago to attend law school.
(d) She meets a wealthy man, marries him and moves West.

7. Besides debt, what topic often occupies Lincoln's mind?
(a) The prospect of a harsh winter.
(b) The prospect of civil war.
(c) The prospect of marriage.
(d) The prospect of death.

8. According to Josh, how is Lincoln doing in the State Assembly?
(a) Great; he's getting kickbacks for legislation he sponsors.
(b) Fabulously well; he's shown himself to be a natural leader.
(c) Not well; he sits and draws his three dollars a day without paying attention.
(d) Not well; he's been rabble-rousing with speeches against slavery.

9. What is the setting of Act 2, Scene 5 and what does it convey about the occupants?
(a) The setting is Lincoln's log cabin and it conveys a feeling of bachelor solitude.
(b) The setting is the parlor of Ninian Edwards' home and it conveys a comfortable upper-class life.
(c) The setting is a grand ballroom and it conveys the gala celebration of political victory.
(d) The setting is Ninian Edwards' home and it conveys a sense of genteel poverty.

10. What reason does Lincoln give in Act 2, Scene 4 for turning down the opportunity to speak against slavery?
(a) He is feuding with the president of the organization that wants him to speak.
(b) The sponsoring organization is "a pack of hell-raising fanatics."
(c) He is pro-slavery.
(d) He has a date on the night of the rally.

11. How does Lincoln feel after Ann's death?
(a) He feels he should die to be with her again or he will go crazy.
(b) He is relieved because he had begun to doubt her love.
(c) He feels guilty because she got brain sickness and he did not.
(d) He knows her death is for the best, and that he will be able to concentrate better without her.

12. What, besides politics, does Lincoln have on his mind during the scene in the Rutledge Tavern?
(a) Asking Ann Rutledge to consider him as a suitor.
(b) Asking town officials for a raise in his wages as postmaster.
(c) Taking over the family farm from his sick father.
(d) Running down to the town picnic for a piece of pie.

13. What is a benefit of being in the state capitol that might entice Lincoln to run for office?
(a) The opportunity to learn from the finest lawyers in the state.
(b) The chance to have suits made that will have sleeves that are long enough for his arms.
(c) He will be able to collect extra money by doing favors for friends.
(d) Women will seek him out for marriage.

14. What does Ann's love do for Lincoln?
(a) Her love makes him believe in God, believe that all things are possible, and he can do anything he wants.
(b) Her love inspires him to write great poetry.
(c) Her love makes him irritable because she is so needy.
(d) Her love makes him weak at the knees and fuzzy in his thoughts; he knows he can't make anything of himself.

15. What happens at the end of Act 2, Scene 4 that proves Lincoln's claim that he is a social success?
(a) Ninian Edwards invites Lincoln home for dinner.
(b) Mary Todd sends Lincoln a thank-you note for a pleasant evening the previous week.
(c) Nancy Green accepts a job as his social secretary to keep track of his dates.
(d) Josh Speed introduces Lincoln to his sister.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Mary Todd so sure that Lincoln will be a success, and not stop to tell jokes, as her sister predicts?

2. How does the weather complement Lincoln's mood when he arrives at the home of the Greens' with news of Ann's death?

3. What characteristics make Mary Todd a good catch in the eyes of most people?

4. What is Lincoln studying in the opening scene?

5. Who are the main characters in the first scene of the play?

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