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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the subject of the speech Lincoln is studying in the first scene?
(a) The right of states to secede from the Union; the speaker approves.
(b) The upcoming union of North and South; the speaker objects.
(c) The right of states to secede from the Union; the speaker objects.
(d) South Carolina's decision to break away from North Carolina; the speaker approves.

2. Where has Lincoln been, just before he arrives at the Edwards' home in Act 2, Scene 5?
(a) Visiting a potential client in jail.
(b) Visiting another woman, to whom he plans to propose.
(c) At the Statehouse, lobbying against gun registration.
(d) Fox hunting.

3. What does Lincoln do that impresses Ninian Edwards in Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) Lincoln announces there is free pie in the town square.
(b) Lincoln diffuses the tension with the Clancy Groves boys.
(c) Lincoln punches a bully who is threatening Ann Rutledge.
(d) Lincoln gets everyone's attention by firing his pistol at the ceiling.

4. Who does Ninian Edwards believe might be instigating the prospect of marriage between Abe Lincoln and Mary Todd?
(a) Mary Todd.
(b) Elizabeth Edwards' father.
(c) Judge Bowling Green.
(d) Abe Lincoln.

5. In a poem that Lincoln reads in the first scene, what is it that the poet finds strange about people?
(a) They think of death as an awakening.
(b) They dance through life unaware of pleasure.
(c) They look forward to death, even when life is good.
(d) They are afraid to face death alone.

6. Why is Ann's death such a setback to Lincoln?
(a) He doesn't feel he will be taken seriously as a candidate if he is single.
(b) Ann wrote his speeches; without her, he has nothing to say.
(c) He depended on Ann's connections to the politically powerful in Washington.
(d) He fears any woman who loves him is doomed to an early death, like his mother.

7. What does Billy Herndon urge Lincoln's friends to do, as Herndon leaves the office in Act 2, Scene 4?
(a) Take Lincoln out to dinner and get him drunk.
(b) Dunk Lincoln in the river to wash away his stubborn streak.
(c) Introduce Lincoln to a good woman to marry.
(d) Drag him out of the stagnant pool in which he is drowning himself.

8. How old is Abe Lincoln at the time of Act 2, Scene 4 in his Springfield law office?
(a) 31-years-old.
(b) 72-years-old.
(c) 27-years-old.
(d) 45-years-old.

9. Billy Herndon, Lincoln's law clerk, arrives in Act 2, Scene 6. What is his condition?
(a) He's drunk, as usual.
(b) He's suffering from an early case of swine flu.
(c) He has quit drinking and is sober.
(d) He's debilitated by swamp fever.

10. Who is President of the United States at the time Edwards visits New Salem to meet Lincoln?
(a) Alexander Hamilton.
(b) John Glenn.
(c) Thomas Jefferson.
(d) Andrew Jackson.

11. In Act 2, Scene 4, who arrives unexpectedly at Lincoln's office to visit?
(a) Seth Gale and Nancy Green.
(b) Bowling Green and Josh Speed.
(c) Ann Rutledge and Josh Speed.
(d) Bowling and Nancy Green.

12. In Scene 2, Act 4, what office is Lincoln seeking?
(a) Member of the Electoral College.
(b) President of the United States.
(c) President of the Springfield School Board.
(d) Springfield's combined office of dogcatcher and postmaster.

13. Why is Mary Todd so sure that Lincoln will be a success, and not stop to tell jokes, as her sister predicts?
(a) Because she knows that Lincoln is not very good at telling jokes and has a strong streak of ambition.
(b) Because Lincoln has confided his dream of becoming a successful merchant and moving to New York.
(c) Because she is strong enough to make sure he moves along the road of success without stopping.
(d) She doesn't care if he's a success; she has a huge inheritance that will support them both.

14. What is the plan that Seth Gale and Lincoln have for their futures?
(a) To move west, to Nebraska.
(b) To relocate to Springfield and open a general store.
(c) To attend law school and go into practice together.
(d) To move to California, in search of gold.

15. Lincoln tells Josh Speed to give his letter for Mary Todd to Herndon to deliver. How does Josh respond?
(a) He runs out the door with the letter.
(b) He gives the letter to Herndon.
(c) He throws the letter into the fire in the stove.
(d) He rips the letter into tiny pieces and throws them on the floor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lincoln's teacher suggest Lincoln do to improve his life?

2. What last ditch effort does Mary Todd's sister make to prevent a proposal from Lincoln toward the end of Act 2, Scene 5?

3. What does Lincoln see on the boat from Quincy to Alton that shocks him?

4. What are the two professions open to people who fail at everything else, according to Lincoln's teacher?

5. In Scene 2, Act 4, Lincoln receives a letter from his old friend, Seth Gale. What is Gale worrying about?

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