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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One of Lincoln's clients can't pay her bill; why does Lincoln think she is right not to pay?
(a) Lincoln took a horse from her late husband in payment.
(b) He believes she is going to inherit a lot of money, so he can wait for payment.
(c) She is a poor widow and Lincoln doesn't take money from widows.
(d) Lincoln defended her husband unsuccessfully and he was hanged.

2. What is Lincoln studying in the opening scene?
(a) The moods of the English language.
(b) The moods of a woman he would like to court.
(c) The plays of Shakespeare.
(d) Punctuation marks.

3. Who is Billy Herndon?
(a) The illegitimate son of Josh Speed.
(b) The boy who delivers mid-afternoon coffee and lottery tickets.
(c) A law clerk in Lincoln's office.
(d) A client of Lincoln's who is accused of murder.

4. How much would Lincoln be paid as a member of the legislature?
(a) $2.50 a day.
(b) $3 a day.
(c) $5 a day.
(d) Nothing, it's a volunteer job.

5. Who are the main characters in the first scene of the play?
(a) Abe Lincoln and Mentor Graham.
(b) Mentor Graham, Seth Gale and Mary Todd Lincoln.
(c) Abe Lincoln and Seth Gale.
(d) Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln.

Short Answer Questions

1. On which holiday does Act 1, Scene 2 take place?

2. What does Lincoln see on the boat from Quincy to Alton that shocks him?

3. What is the mood of the speech Lincoln is asked to read in the first scene?

4. What is the weather, as the Greens sit in their parlor, waiting for Abe to return from Ann Rutledge's home?

5. What reason does Lincoln give in Act 2, Scene 4 for turning down the opportunity to speak against slavery?

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