Daily Lessons for Teaching Abe Lincoln in Illinois

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Lesson 1 (from Act 1, Scene 1)


Act 1, Scene 1

In this scene, Abe Lincoln's teacher has him read a poem by John Keats on the topic of death. The objective of the lesson is to look at Lincoln's attitude toward death, as revealed in this scene.


Activity 1: Small group discussion: Discuss the poem by John Keats that Lincoln reads in this scene. Does it make sense to you? What is Keats saying about life and death in this poem?

Activity 2: Class activity: Talk about Lincoln's feelings about death, as revealed in this act. How do you know his attitude? How many times does the topic of death or fear of death arise in this conversation with his teacher? How does your knowledge of Lincoln's assassination affect your reaction to the scene? How has his past affected his thoughts on death?

Activity 3: Individual writing: Answer the question: Is Abraham Lincoln, at this stage...

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