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Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote the Provencal song they sang after the speeches?

2. What was the tourist joke Faustin told about the English?

3. Who helps Peter stock his wine cellar?

4. What year does Massot feel would be the ideal year to sell his home?

5. What did Massot plan to possibly do when he retired and sold his home?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Now that you have read the entire book and this is the last essay topic, do you think that you would want to buy a house in Provence and live there for a year anytime during your life? Write an essay telling how the book influenced your answer to this question. Include anything in the book which supports and explains your answer.

Essay Topic 2

There are a number of different animals portrayed in the book.

1) Describe the three different kinds of dogs used for hunting in Provence. Tell how the hunters find the dogs if they get lost during the hunt.

2) The Mayles attend a goat race. There are many comical things about the race and the goats in the race. Describe the goats . Why are some goats supposed to be faster? Describe how the goats fare during the race. Are there similar animal races in the U.S., perhaps at a country fair?

3) Choose three of your favorite animals in the book and write about them. For example, there's Penelope, the dog, there's an ass who takes part in a Christmas creche in the village and there are Massot's three dogs.

Essay Topic 3

Three weather conditions in Provence are introduced in the book. These conditions are: the Mistral, the snow and the rains. The book describes the affect these conditions have on the land and the people etc.

Choose one of these weather conditions which take place in Provence in the book and write an essay describing it and its affect on the land and people , the Mayles in particular.

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