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Short Answer Questions

1. What picture in the calendar he gives Peter does the postman show him?

2. Who is summoned to fix the washed out drive?

3. What game do the Mayles play at the end of July?

4. What did the Mayles hope the sanitation men would do with the tip they gave them?

5. Where was Peter's friend's house built?

Short Essay Questions

1. What English Christmas festivities did the Mayles miss?

2. What frightened friends of the Mayles who were staying at a nearby hotel?

3. At the suggestion of Bernard, the pool man, where do the Mayles go to eat?

4. Describe the plan Madame Mayle has for getting the workmen back on the job to complete the work before Christmas.

5. Why were the Mayles uncomfortable at the party they were invited to in Gordes?

6. What does Menicucci do at the Mayles house in August?

7. What is the game the Mayles play at the end of July and why do they like it?

8. Describe the man Peter meets in the forest.

9. Describe the dinner the Mayles are invited to in November.

10. List the locals who come to the Mayles for Christmas tips and tell what they bring as gifts

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Time and time again throughout the book you can see how Peter and his wife treat the people of Provence: their neighbors, the workmen they hire , the people they meet in the village etc. Write an essay describing the way the Mayles view and treat the people they come in contact with in Provence. Do you think they have chosen a good approach to getting to know the people in Provence? Would you do likewise if you were to spend a year in Provence? If not, what would you do that would be different? Do you think the Mayles' friendly interaction with the people they come in contact with has the greatest impact on how they view their year in Provence? If not, what other thing is more important?

Essay Topic 2

There are many customs of kissing and body contact in Provence which differ greatly from the customs in America.

Part 1) Write a description of the different ways of kissing in France. How do they kiss in Paris? How do they kiss in Provence? Men kiss eachother. Does that repell you?

Part 2) Besides kissing there is other body contact in Provence. Describe it and its meaning?.

Part 3) Write a description of some of the different forms of body language the Provencals use. What are the different kinds of body language and what do they mean?

Essay Topic 3

Food is one of the most important things in the lives of the people of Provence.

Part 1 ) Describe some of the Provencal food you remember reading about in the book.

Where was it served? In a private home? In a cafe? In a restaurant?

Why did it make an impression on you? Would you like to eat it? Would you like to learn how to prepare it?

Part 2) Describe how the attitude of the people of Provence toward food differs from the attitude of Americans toward food? Go into detail.

Part 3) The Mayles learn a lot about mushrooms, bread and olive oil. Choose one of these foods covered in the book and write an essay on it.

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