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Short Answer Questions

1. Where are the grapes weighed and tested for alcoholic content?

2. What is the main event of Christmas in Provence?

3. What do frugal Frenchmen hate to do?

4. What do the people of Provence collect in baskets in the woods?

5. Which goats were supposed to do well in the race?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Mayles hire a number of different workmen to renovate their house and property in the book. Write an essay describing two or more of the workmen. What were their names? Specialty? What are some of the characteristics peculiar to workmen of Provence? Are they dependable? Do they work hard? What did each workman do to renovate the Mayles' home? How did Madame Mayle influence the workmen so that they finished the renovation of the house before Christmas?

Essay Topic 2

Time and time again throughout the book you can see how Peter and his wife treat the people of Provence: their neighbors, the workmen they hire , the people they meet in the village etc. Write an essay describing the way the Mayles view and treat the people they come in contact with in Provence. Do you think they have chosen a good approach to getting to know the people in Provence? Would you do likewise if you were to spend a year in Provence? If not, what would you do that would be different? Do you think the Mayles' friendly interaction with the people they come in contact with has the greatest impact on how they view their year in Provence? If not, what other thing is more important?

Essay Topic 3

Food is one of the most important things in the lives of the people of Provence.

Part 1 ) Describe some of the Provencal food you remember reading about in the book.

Where was it served? In a private home? In a cafe? In a restaurant?

Why did it make an impression on you? Would you like to eat it? Would you like to learn how to prepare it?

Part 2) Describe how the attitude of the people of Provence toward food differs from the attitude of Americans toward food? Go into detail.

Part 3) The Mayles learn a lot about mushrooms, bread and olive oil. Choose one of these foods covered in the book and write an essay on it.

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