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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Provence how many times does one kiss?

2. How many people were on the planting team?

3. What did one thick-set old man with a florid nose ask the nurse when she couldn't prick the tough skin of his thumb?

4. Who is recommended to help the Mayles with their courtyard?

5. Who actually does the work of cleaning the green fuzz from the Mayles' pool?

Short Essay Questions

1. Retell briefly the story Massot told about a peasant who coveted his neighbor's house.

2. Describe how truffles are gathered.

3. What is the arrangement the Mayles have with their neighbors concerning the grapes grown on the property?

4. Why did the workmen the Mayles hired disappear in March?

5. What is Lucerne?

6. What does Menicucci's assistant wear in April?

7. What does Massot do in this chapter to keep tourists out of the National Park?

8. Describe some of the kissing practices in France.

9. Describe how the dogs reacted to the snow and ice.

10. What does the Mayles' temporary kitchen consist of?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Now that you have read the entire book and this is the last essay topic, do you think that you would want to buy a house in Provence and live there for a year anytime during your life? Write an essay telling how the book influenced your answer to this question. Include anything in the book which supports and explains your answer.

Essay Topic 2

One of the only tourist locations the Mayles visit during their year in Provence is Aix.

Part 1) Describe the main street of Aix in detail.

Part 2) Describe the social behavior of the students in the cafes of Aix. How are their actions a bit silly. Do you think they are superficial and vain? Do you think they ever study? How do they differ from what you know about American college students? How are they the same?

Part 3) Describe the shops the Mayles visit in Aix and the restaurant they choose to dine at.

Essay Topic 3

In the book the Mayles learn any number of interesting and helpful things.

Part 1) Choose one area of expertise that the Mayles become familiar with and write an essay telling about what you learned from reading about it. For instance , the Mayles learn all about bread, olive oil and mushroom gathering.

Part 2) Choose several small , interesting things you learned in the book which might come in handy some day like how Menicucci got rid of the any colony. Write about these things in an essay.

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