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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the party that the Mayles attended in Gordes?
(a) an anniversary party
(b) a very formal dinner party
(c) an informal swim party
(d) a birthday party

2. What do the people of Provence collect in baskets in the woods?
(a) wild flowers
(b) berries
(c) mushrooms
(d) nuts

3. What is the main event of Christmas in Provence?
(a) the exchange of presents
(b) the church services
(c) the parties
(d) the food

4. How long did the drive to Peter's friend's house take?
(a) one hour
(b) three hours
(c) two and a half hours
(d) more than four hours

5. Who delivered the opening speech?
(a) a local priest
(b) the president of the society
(c) the mayor
(d) the Mayles' friend

6. What dance did Peter like the best at the dinner honoring his friend?
(a) the quickstep
(b) the foxtrot
(c) the waltz
(d) the tango

7. How did the hunters find a lost dog?
(a) They left a scrap of sacking or a cushion with the kennel scent on it in the woods.
(b) They waited til the dog found their truck or car.
(c) They went out and called their names.
(d) They had a special dog whistle.

8. What was the weather like in October?
(a) The days were warm enough for swimming , the nigths cool enough for a fire.
(b) It snowed.
(c) It was extremely hot and humid.
(d) It was bitterly cold.

9. What was the hall officially called?
(a) the Salle des Dignitaires
(b) the Salle des Honneurs
(c) the Salle des Fetes
(d) the Salle du Prestige

10. Whom did Peter call when there was a problem with the house or property?
(a) Faustin
(b) Menicucci
(c) Christian
(d) Tony

11. Where is the heating system located?
(a) in what used to be the donkey dormitory
(b) behind the house
(c) beside the pool
(d) in the courtyard

12. How does the carpet get soaked?
(a) The carpet-layer puts a screw through the hot-water pipe.
(b) A bucket of water is accidently over-turned.
(c) There is another storm and a leak in the roof.
(d) The sink in the kitchen overflows.

13. What were the merchants Peter encountered on his visit to this friend like?
(a) determined to please you
(b) prosperous and friendly
(c) unfriendly and eager to take your money
(d) staid and old-fashioned

14. Where did Peter's friend who was to be honored live?
(a) in a nearby village
(b) next door
(c) high in the Lubryon mountains
(d) deep in the Cote du Rhone country

15. What were the local friends of the Mayles recovering from in September?
(a) the summer heat
(b) the flu
(c) a surfeit of guests
(d) the storm that hit in August

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Massot plan to possibly do when he retired and sold his home?

2. What had some friends of the Mayles seen in their hotel room which frightened them?

3. What were the pieges a feu that Massot threatened to use against the Germans?

4. How many goats and drivers took part in the goat race?

5. What is the name of the carpet-layer?

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