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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the weather like in October?
(a) It was extremely hot and humid.
(b) It was bitterly cold.
(c) The days were warm enough for swimming , the nigths cool enough for a fire.
(d) It snowed.

2. Why can't the meter reader read the Mayles' meter?
(a) The Mistral damaged the meter.
(b) Hornets have nested there.
(c) Bees have stored their honey there.
(d) An ant colony has made a nest there.

3. What were the merchants Peter encountered on his visit to this friend like?
(a) prosperous and friendly
(b) determined to please you
(c) unfriendly and eager to take your money
(d) staid and old-fashioned

4. What is the main event of Christmas in Provence?
(a) the exchange of presents
(b) the food
(c) the church services
(d) the parties

5. What happens during the outside buffet at the party?
(a) The guests watch fireworkd.
(b) The Mistral begins to blow.
(c) Some local peasants crash the party.
(d) Some of the guests get food poisoning.

6. What are the "Sayings of August?"
(a) folk sayings of the Provencal peasants
(b) Statements made by Menicucci and his men about the work they had to do.
(c) Statements made by mystified, tightfisted or apologetic visitors.
(d) Faustin's statements about the forest fire near Grasse

7. The Mayles are surprised at the French fondness for what?
(a) guns
(b) American music
(c) fast food
(d) Shakespeare

8. Where did Peter's friend who was to be honored live?
(a) deep in the Cote du Rhone country
(b) high in the Lubryon mountains
(c) next door
(d) in a nearby village

9. What do the people of Provence collect in baskets in the woods?
(a) mushrooms
(b) wild flowers
(c) berries
(d) nuts

10. What present do the workers give the Mayles?
(a) a music box which plays the French national anthem
(b) a signed photo of the workmen and their wives
(c) a bust of Napoleon
(d) an antique stone tub filled with flowers

11. What game do the Mayles play at the end of July?
(a) a game of croquet
(b) a game of boules
(c) a game of golf
(d) a game of tennis

12. When the Mayles finally see Santa Claus what is he doing?
(a) giving out tiny token presents
(b) smoking
(c) taking children on his lap
(d) receiving Christmas wish lists from the children

13. What was the Cote d'Azur like when Peter visited it?
(a) a draw for movie stars and celebrities
(b) a vision of beauty
(c) a romantic seaside resort
(d) a nightmare of congested traffic and oily bodies lying flank to flank on the beach

14. What is the man in the woods whom Peter meets wearing?
(a) shorts and a polo shirt
(b) a hunting outfit
(c) a hat with netting
(d) a rubber boot on one food and a running shoe on the other

15. Who is rumored to have bought a house in Provence?
(a) Leslie Caron
(b) Doris Day
(c) Brigitte Bardot
(d) Ringo Star

Short Answer Questions

1. What takes place at the Mayles' house in August?

2. What did Massot say to Peter that was uncharacteristic of him?

3. What did the dogs discover on their morning walk?

4. Who advises the Mayles about olive oil?

5. What do frugal Frenchmen hate to do?

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