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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who helps Peter stock his wine cellar?
(a) Christian
(b) Uncle Edward
(c) Faustin
(d) Menicucci

2. What do Faustin, his wife and daughters use to harvest the table grapes?
(a) a special kind of knife
(b) a prining shears
(c) their hands
(d) scissors

3. What were the merchants Peter encountered on his visit to this friend like?
(a) determined to please you
(b) staid and old-fashioned
(c) prosperous and friendly
(d) unfriendly and eager to take your money

4. Who advises the Mayles about olive oil?
(a) Madame Soliva
(b) Madame Lucille
(c) Madame Sophia
(d) Madame Colette

5. What is the name of the carpet-layer?
(a) Marc-Antoine
(b) Paul -Pierre
(c) Maurice-Lucien
(d) Jean -Pierre

6. What happened to the elegant gathering when Vivaldi was replaced by Little Richard?
(a) The guests left in a huff.
(b) The guests were shocked.
(c) The guests protested.
(d) The elegant guests became loose and danced wildly.

7. What surprise gift do the Mayles receive?
(a) some canned tomatoes
(b) a round of the local cheese and a loaf of delicious peasant bread
(c) a box of home-made preserves
(d) a cap full of mushrooms complete with a recipe for preparing them

8. What is Henriette, Faustin's wife, handy at?
(a) entertaining
(b) servicing their truck as a mechanic
(c) sewing
(d) baking

9. What was the hall officially called?
(a) the Salle des Honneurs
(b) the Salle du Prestige
(c) the Salle des Fetes
(d) the Salle des Dignitaires

10. What did Massot plan to possibly do when he retired and sold his home?
(a) get married
(b) move to Paris
(c) buy a little bar-tabac in Cavaillon
(d) viksit America

11. Who is summoned to fix the washed out drive?
(a) Claude
(b) Sanchez
(c) Massot
(d) Faustin

12. Where had Peter's friend rented a house?
(a) near Marseilles
(b) in Nimes
(c) a few kilometers from St. Tropez
(d) in Bonnieux

13. Where do the Mayles go to search for evidence of Christmas?
(a) Bonnieux
(b) the Cote d'Azur
(c) Aix
(d) Cavaillon

14. What had achieved the importance of a minor industry in the Vaucluse in September?
(a) outdoor markets
(b) fishing
(c) housebreaking
(d) selling books

15. What picture in the calendar he gives Peter does the postman show him?
(a) a picture of the village under snow
(b) a girl wearing two coconut shells
(c) a picture of the the goat race Peter had witnessed
(d) a picture of the national forest

Short Answer Questions

1. What were the local friends of the Mayles recovering from in September?

2. What do the sanitation men mind that is left for them to clean up?

3. What happens during the outside buffet at the party?

4. How long did the drive to Peter's friend's house take?

5. What was the Cote d'Azur like when Peter visited it?

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