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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the grandfather's favorite soap opera?
(a) Santa Barbara
(b) Dallas
(c) Days of Our Lives
(d) Dynasty

2. What became the lead story in the local newspaper in early February?
(a) snow
(b) a beauty pageant
(c) the opening of a gym
(d) local political campaign

3. Because it was so still in the valley in February what did Monsieur Massot say one could hear?
(a) the snow falling
(b) a mouse fart
(c) the flowers coming up under the snow
(d) a cat purring from a distance of 20 feet

4. What about the insurance agent pleases the Mayles?
(a) his professionalism
(b) his punctuality
(c) his optimism
(d) his manners

5. What is Menicucci's wife's talent?
(a) she is an excellent cook
(b) she is the perfect housekeeper
(c) She is an accomplished soprano
(d) she plays the flute

6. How does Massot decide to discourage the Germans from camping in the national park?
(a) He decides to turn his vicious dogs on them
(b) He decides to shoot into the air when he sees them
(c) He puts up threatening signs
(d) He sets snares in the park.

7. Where did the Mayles purchase their bicycles?
(a) Buoux
(b) Isle-sur-la- Sorgue
(c) Bonnieux
(d) Cavaillon

8. What produced a noise like nuts and bolts clattering in a tin?
(a) the small Citroen vans that every farmer drove
(b) the local hens
(c) rain on the roof tops
(d) workers in the restaurant kitchens

9. What kind of workmen did Tony plan to hire to work on his house?
(a) Swiss workmen
(b) German workmen
(c) Provencal workmen
(d) Irish workmen

10. Describe time in Provence
(a) It's elastic.
(b) It passes quickly.
(c) It drags on and on.
(d) Punctuality is important.

11. Where did the Mayles go for lunch after visiting Isle-sur-Sorgue?
(a) Cavaillon
(b) Buoux
(c) Nimes
(d) Bonnieux

12. Where had Tony found a house that interested him?
(a) in the village
(b) near the coast
(c) in the mountains
(d) next to the national park

13. What do they look for at a junk shop on the way home from Aix?
(a) a stone bird bath
(b) a gargoyle
(c) a statue of St. Francis of Assisi
(d) a stone bench

14. The January meal the Mayles were invited to started with what food?
(a) 3 kinds of pizza
(b) salad
(c) Aperitifs
(d) soup

15. What was the specialty of the hostess where the Mayles were invited for dinner?
(a) stuffed roast pig
(b) A casserole of rabbit crivet
(c) cheddar quiche
(d) leg of lamb

Short Answer Questions

1. At the hall where the Mayles and most of the town are donating blood to a poor boy, how can you identify the people?

2. From whom had the Mayles bought their bicycles?

3. Why did the Mayles neglect visiting many of the tourist locations in Provence?

4. Who is the architect?

5. Once seated, what does the student do?

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