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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What French machine does Peter Mayle first plan to use to move the large stone table?
(a) la charrette
(b) la charrue
(c) le fardier
(d) le bob

2. In Paris how many times does one kiss a friend when meeting him or her?
(a) three times
(b) four times, twice on each cheek alternately
(c) once on the lips
(d) twice

3. The Mayles began their year in Provence on what holiday?
(a) Bastille Day
(b) Easter
(c) New Year's Eve
(d) Christmas Eve

4. What is the first problem the Mayles encounter in the novel?
(a) homesickness
(b) irate neighbors
(c) high prices
(d) the Mistral

5. Who is the architect?
(a) Mastorino
(b) Christian
(c) Claude
(d) Henri

6. Who actually does the work of cleaning the green fuzz from the Mayles' pool?
(a) Gaston
(b) Faustin
(c) Bernard
(d) Claude

7. What saved the Mayles from having to have more drinks after the meal?
(a) the dog
(b) the cat
(c) a sudden drop in the temperature
(d) a baby crying

8. How do the students following cafe deportment arrive?
(a) as conspicuously as possible
(b) waving to their friends
(c) carrying books
(d) blowing kisses

9. In Provence how many times does one kiss?
(a) once on each cheek
(b) not at all
(c) once on the lips
(d) three times

10. What kind of bird is in the story Massot tells?
(a) a pigeon
(b) a cockerel
(c) a sparrow
(d) a parrot

11. Which cafe of the Cours Mirabeau is the most memorable?
(a) the Deux Jeune Filles
(b) the Quatre Coins
(c) the Trois Oiseaux
(d) the Deux Garcons

12. What do some cyclists slip inside their shorts to cushion their tail bones?
(a) a thick piece of foam rubber
(b) a small down pillow
(c) a cushion
(d) a pound of rump steak

13. Who on the work team owns a cocker spaniel?
(a) Didier
(b) Trufelli
(c) Ramon
(d) Menicucci

14. Because it was so still in the valley in February what did Monsieur Massot say one could hear?
(a) the flowers coming up under the snow
(b) a mouse fart
(c) the snow falling
(d) a cat purring from a distance of 20 feet

15. What season was over?
(a) the hunting season
(b) the tourist season
(c) the soccer season
(d) the skiing season

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Monsieur Menicucci think Mozart could also have been besides being a composer?

2. How long do the students at the cafe keep their sunglasses on?

3. What produced a noise like nuts and bolts clattering in a tin?

4. What provided a final confirmation that warmer weather had arrived?

5. What's a good description of Massot's dogs?

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