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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the Mayles neglect visiting many of the tourist locations in Provence?
(a) They were busy studying the rituals and customs of the people of Provence.
(b) They didn't want to mingle with the tourists.
(c) The fell ill with the flu.
(d) They felt the tourist locations were too expensive.

2. What is as affordable in Provence as linoleum is in England?
(a) wood paneling
(b) plastic
(c) iron
(d) stone

3. Who is recommended to help the Mayles with their courtyard?
(a) Henri
(b) Pierre
(c) Pierrot
(d) Maurice

4. The euphoria of bicycling lasted until what?
(a) they began the climb up to Bonnieux
(b) they became ravenously hungry
(c) they started to get over-heated
(d) they became very thirsty

5. What French machine does Peter Mayle first plan to use to move the large stone table?
(a) le fardier
(b) la charrette
(c) le bob
(d) la charrue

6. How old is Monsieur Menicucci?
(a) 49
(b) 58
(c) 62
(d) 36

7. How many fountains are there along the length of the main street in Aix?
(a) three
(b) six
(c) four
(d) one large one

8. What is the name of the insurance agent?
(a) Henri Harve
(b) Guy Laupain
(c) Thierry Fructus
(d) Maurice Ravel

9. What kind of workmen did Tony plan to hire to work on his house?
(a) Irish workmen
(b) Provencal workmen
(c) German workmen
(d) Swiss workmen

10. Who on the work team owns a cocker spaniel?
(a) Ramon
(b) Trufelli
(c) Menicucci
(d) Didier

11. What do the Mayles do immediately when they return home from their bicycle trip?
(a) They have a cool drink.
(b) They take a shower.
(c) They dive into their pool
(d) They wash the dust off their bicycles.

12. What did one thick-set old man with a florid nose ask the nurse when she couldn't prick the tough skin of his thumb?
(a) "Don't you like my looks?"
(b) "Do you want me to fetch the butcher?"
(c) "Are you afraid to hurt me?"
(d) "Are you a real nurse"

13. What was the surprising thing about Monsieur Bagnois, the floor-cleaner?
(a) He had 17 children
(b) He was a gourmet
(c) He weighed 400 pounds
(d) He was originally from India

14. What did the local advertising industry do to influence and attract people?
(a) sponsored a contest
(b) put flyers under windshield wipers
(c) put catchy ads in the newspaper
(d) had men walk up and down main street with sandwich boards ad signs

15. What did the Mayles plan to do with the enclosed courtyard in back of their house?
(a) keep horses in it
(b) turn it into an open-air living room
(c) turn it into a tennis court-
(d) turn it into a garden

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the people of Provence go every Sunday?

2. What job has Christian, the Mayles' architect been offered?

3. What did Faustin decide should replace the melon field?

4. What saved the Mayles from having to have more drinks after the meal?

5. Because it was so still in the valley in February what did Monsieur Massot say one could hear?

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