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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through October.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long do the students at the cafe keep their sunglasses on?
(a) until an acquaintance is identified at one of the tables.
(b) until the sun goes down
(c) until the waiter arrives
(d) the whole time they're at the cafe

2. The Mayles' home is situated between which two villages?
(a) Nimes and Montpelier
(b) Amiens and Reims
(c) Menerbes and Bonnieux
(d) Cannes and Nice

3. How many people were on the planting team?
(a) 4 under the direction of Massot
(b) 6 under the direction of Christian
(c) 3 under the direction Peter Mayle
(d) 7 under the direction of Beauchier

4. What French machine does Peter Mayle first plan to use to move the large stone table?
(a) le fardier
(b) la charrue
(c) le bob
(d) la charrette

5. The January meal the Mayles were invited to started with what food?
(a) Aperitifs
(b) salad
(c) soup
(d) 3 kinds of pizza

Short Answer Questions

1. The ruins of what chateau do they see on their bicycle ride?

2. What is the man in the woods whom Peter meets wearing?

3. How lond a trip was it to go buy a loaf of bread?

4. How is the road to Aix characterized?

5. What does Menicucci remind Peter to do?

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