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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through June.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far did they have to move the stone table to get it into the courtyard?
(a) 15 yards
(b) 750 feet
(c) 12 yards
(d) 500 feet

2. What animals used to destroy the melon field?
(a) rabbits
(b) wild boars
(c) moles
(d) ground hogs

3. What became the lead story in the local newspaper in early February?
(a) a beauty pageant
(b) snow
(c) the opening of a gym
(d) local political campaign

4. How old was the French farmhouse?
(a) 4 months old
(b) 200 years old
(c) 76 years old
(d) 50 years old

5. What did the Mayles' lawyer friend object to in Provence?
(a) men kissing each other
(b) the high price of food
(c) the heavy accent in Provence
(d) the bad manners of the people

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is recommended to help the Mayles with their courtyard?

2. What provided a final confirmation that warmer weather had arrived?

3. What guide book do the Mayles become familiar with?

4. What do they look for at a junk shop on the way home from Aix?

5. What kind of bird is in the story Massot tells?

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