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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through June.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the road to Aix characterized?
(a) It's a country road through the farmland.
(b) It's a narrow, corkscrew road through the mountains.
(c) It's a modern highway and a direct route.
(d) It's a winding road along the sea coast.

2. What did Faustin decide should replace the melon field?
(a) a lawn
(b) a flower garden
(c) more grape vines
(d) a vegetable garden

3. What did one thick-set old man with a florid nose ask the nurse when she couldn't prick the tough skin of his thumb?
(a) "Don't you like my looks?"
(b) "Do you want me to fetch the butcher?"
(c) "Are you a real nurse"
(d) "Are you afraid to hurt me?"

4. What French machine does Peter Mayle first plan to use to move the large stone table?
(a) la charrette
(b) la charrue
(c) le fardier
(d) le bob

5. Because it was so still in the valley in February what did Monsieur Massot say one could hear?
(a) the snow falling
(b) the flowers coming up under the snow
(c) a mouse fart
(d) a cat purring from a distance of 20 feet

Short Answer Questions

1. How many fountains are there along the length of the main street in Aix?

2. How lond a trip was it to go buy a loaf of bread?

3. What mountains rose up behind the house?

4. What gift does Bernard, the pool man, give to the Mayles?

5. Who shows up at the Mayles' house just as they are about to sit down to dinner?

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