A Year in Provence Character Descriptions

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Peter Mayle

A British citizen living in France.

Madame Mayle

Moves to Provence with husband.


A hard worker and a good neighbor.


The wife of Faustin

Grandfather P

Eighty-year-old father of Faustin

Antoine Massot

The old, surly neighbor of the Mayles.

Monsieur Menicucci

A plumber and philosopher


A mason who renovates houses.


A plasterer who does everything by hand.


The pool man.


The architect for the project on the Mayles' home.


Someone the Mayles barely know, who asks Peter to help him find a house in Provence.


Another visitor whom the Mayles love, but who is accident-prone.

Ted and Susan

The type of English visitor who can't stomach the French food and whose skin is too delicate for the sun in Provence.

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