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Peter Mayle and his wife buy an old stone farmhouse in Provence, France, where they had often vacationed.
The Mistral winds blow in from Russia bursting the pipes of the Mayles' farmhouse and whipping an open window off its hinges.
The Mayles begin renovating their house and kitchen.


Snow blankets the Lubyron in February, changing the landscape and affecting all the people and even the dogs.
The Mayles decide to renovate their enclosed courtyard and their kitchen.
They hire a number of local workmen to do the jobs.


Spring arrives with blossoms on the almond trees, people moving outside and markets changing their merchandise.

Faustin and helpers plow under the melon field and plant grapevines for the Mayles.
The Mayles learn about the laid back, elastic time concepts of the people.
The stone table is finally able to be moved into the Mayles' courtyard by...

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