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Richard Peck
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are used to cover up the human scent in order to confuse these animals?
(a) The rubber waders and walnut shells.
(b) The rubber waders and the pumpkins.
(c) The rubber waders and the pecans.
(d) The rubber waders and the corn.

2. Why does the chorus practice sound awful?
(a) They have never practiced together before.
(b) They do not have a teacher guiding them.
(c) No student at the school can really sing.
(d) They have never sung before.

3. Grandma also has a vial of ________ to attract the animals.
(a) Urine.
(b) Perfume.
(c) Blood.
(d) Water.

4. The annual _______________ program at the school is coming.
(a) Easter.
(b) Christmas.
(c) Halloween.
(d) Winter.

5. How is public opinion affected by changes in Arnold's behavior to impress the woman Grandma introduced to him?
(a) Public opinion shifts against Grandma and for Arnold.
(b) Public opinion shifts against Maxine and for Arnold.
(c) Public opinion shifts for Maxine and away from Arnold.
(d) Public opinion shifts against Royce and for Arnold.

6. A terrified Arnold Green pads down the stairs. How does he explain this surprising event?
(a) He was tutor Maxine.
(b) He was having tea with Maxine.
(c) He was painting a nude portrait of Maxine when the snake fell from the rafters onto Maxine.
(d) He was asking Maxine to marry him.

7. How does Mrs. Weidenbach react to Grandma's demand?
(a) She begins to cry.
(b) She is horrified.
(c) She laughs.
(d) She is not surprised.

8. Grandma had planned the whole gathering for what reason?
(a) To put Mrs. Weidenbach in her place.
(b) To bring the women of the town together.
(c) To relax and enjoy good food.
(d) To show her friends how popular she is.

9. Carleen is incensed that mousy Ina-Rae would get more attention on Valentine's Day than her. Later, what is revealed?
(a) Mary Alice and Ina-Rae had hidden all the cards meant for Carleen.
(b) Mary Alice actually crafted the valentines to make Carleen mad.
(c) The entire class plotted against Carleen to make her jealous of Ina-Rae.
(d) Ina-Rae actually crafted the valentines to make Carleen mad.

10. ________________ remains Mary Alice's biggest nemesis.
(a) Mildred Burdick.
(b) Carleen Lovejoy.
(c) Ina-Rae Gage.
(d) Jamie Dowdel.

11. The heart of the program is what?
(a) The dance number.
(b) The Nativity scene.
(c) The speech made by a senior.
(d) The Hallelujah Chorus.

12. Mrs. Weidenbach is the wife of the ___________, and is the leader of the local chapter of the DAR.
(a) Doctor.
(b) Banker.
(c) Land speculator.
(d) Lawyer.

13. There are rumors of trying to do what to Arnold?
(a) Get him to marry Maxine.
(b) Convince him to stay permanently.
(c) Put him in jail.
(d) Run him out of town as a corrupting influence.

14. Mary Alice figures her zany household has done what?
(a) Given Royce something about which to write a story.
(b) Ruined all chances of romance with Royce.
(c) Entertained Royce.
(d) Made Royce like her even more.

15. Final exams are coming up at school, and while a whiz at English and composition, Mary Alice struggled with __________.
(a) French.
(b) Math.
(c) Latin.
(d) History.

Short Answer Questions

1. As a last surprise prior to the program, Grandma presents Mary Alice with what?

2. At ________ o' clock, a reluctant Mary Alice follows Grandma out into the cold.

3. While Mary Alice thinks Christmas is not exactly Grandma's favorite holiday, Grandma surprises her how?

4. In a final Christmas surprise, Grandma did what?

5. By the end of the night, the two have ______________.

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