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Richard Peck
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Prologue, and Rich Chicago Girl.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The _____________ family are notoriously bad people.
(a) Butler.
(b) Gage.
(c) Burdick.
(d) Fluke.

2. While Mildred is eating, Grandma walks outside on the pretense that she is doing what?
(a) Going for a walk.
(b) Tying up Mildred's horse for her.
(c) Fetching jam from the cellar.
(d) Visiting a neighbor.

3. In a dank basement, they discover ______________, who is doubling as a janitor.
(a) The principal, August Fluke.
(b) An English teacher, Miss Butler.
(c) Mary Alice's brother, Joey.
(d) Another high school student, Augie Fluke.

4. She has them take off their shoes, and then she gives the girls buttermilk and __________.
(a) Corn bread.
(b) Biscuits.
(c) Pie.
(d) Fried chicken.

5. After school, how does Mildred follow Mary Alice?
(a) In a car.
(b) On a horse.
(c) On a motorcycle.
(d) On a bike.

Short Answer Questions

1. Grandma, acting quite polite, does what?

2. To where does Mildred follow Mary Alice?

3. Her desk mate dubs Mary Alice the "rich Chicago girl." Why?

4. Grandma takes Mary Alice directly where?

5. What has broken the narrator and her mother?

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