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Richard Peck
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Prologue, and Rich Chicago Girl.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Grandma, acting quite polite, does what?
(a) Tells Mildred to go home.
(b) Talks to Mildred out on the porch.
(c) Gives Mildred the dollar.
(d) Invites the girls inside.

2. Mildred intends to do what by following Mary Alice?
(a) Ask her to be her friend.
(b) Waste time.
(c) Learn more about Mary Alice.
(d) Collect the dollar from Grandma.

3. She has them take off their shoes, and then she gives the girls buttermilk and __________.
(a) Pie.
(b) Fried chicken.
(c) Corn bread.
(d) Biscuits.

4. Why does Grandma believe Mary Alice will not get beat up?
(a) Without a horse or shoes, Mildred will not attend school.
(b) Mildred will be too embarrassed to go to school the next day.
(c) Mildred has been put in her place.
(d) Mildred is too afraid of Grandma.

5. The horse likely did what?
(a) Stayed in the yard to eat grass.
(b) Trotted back to its rightful owner.
(c) Ran back to Mildred's home.
(d) Ran away.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Grandma react to Mary Alice's arrival?

2. Until the family recovers financially, the narrator will have to live with ________________ in an unnamed town.

3. Why is it important that the school is many miles from Mildred's house?

4. After school, how does Mildred follow Mary Alice?

5. The narrator tells the reader that her father lost his job and her brother Joey has joined __________.

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