Objects & Places from A Year Down Yonder

Richard Peck
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Philco Radio - This is one of Mary Alice's cherished possessions.

Bootsie - This is a female house cat who quickly has to learn how to survive as a country cat. She lives in the cob house and, eventually, she gives birth to a kitten.

Halloween - Unlike in Chicago, this is a major event in Grandma's town, lasting weeks.

Burgoo - This is a stew made from whatever spare vegetables and meat happen to be available at the time.

The Christmas Program - This is performed every year at the high school. It is ruined when an actual baby, the abandoned baby of Mildred Burdick, is found on stage.

Foxes - Grandma and Mary Alice frequently go on late-night travels across the countryside to trap and shoot these.

Newsy Notes - Mary Alice submits these brief, gossipy blurbs about the town to the local paper, The...

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