A Year Down Yonder Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richard Peck
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Prologue, and Rich Chicago Girl

• The narrator (a fifteen-year-old girl) and her mother are at the Dearborn Train Station in Chicago. They are very poor, and the train ticket (for just the narrator) has broken them.

• It is 1937, and they are suffering economic hardship from the Great Depression. The narrator is being sent to live with Grandma Dowdel until the family can afford to care for her.
• The narrator is not pleased about moving to a small, backwoods town.

• The narrator, Mary Alice, gets off the train in Grandma's town with only a few possessions, including her cat Bootsie and her radio.

• Grandma offers no hug or even a greeting and moans that Bootsie is one more mouth to feed and that the radio will make a racket.

• Grandma takes Mary Alice directly to high school to begin school and is taken to Miss Butler's English class.
• Before...

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