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Joan Anderson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What outfit did Joan wear to greet her husband in Chapter 16, Port of Call?
(a) A red evening gown and heels.
(b) Jeans and a black linen blazer.
(c) A bathing suit and towel.
(d) A tailored gray wool suit and black boots.

2. How did Joan describe her bicycle?
(a) As a thrift store model with chipped paint.
(b) As a workhorse with large tires and a rusting chain.
(c) As a racer with sleek lines and a fast speed.
(d) As a showpiece with a fancy horn and a big basket.

3. What did Joan conclude while visiting the general store?
(a) That she wanted to stay in Cape Cod.
(b) That she wanted to have another baby.
(c) That she wanted to divorce her husband.
(d) That she wanted to move to Europe.

4. How many tulip bulbs did Joan plant in Chapter 16, Port of Call?
(a) Two dozen.
(b) One hundred.
(c) One dozen.
(d) Ten.

5. In Chapter 16, Port of Call, to what did Joan equate Labor Day at the fish market?
(a) The New York Stock Exchange.
(b) Grand Central Station at rush hour.
(c) Dulles Airport at Christmas.
(d) A quiet funeral.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gift did the fish market owner give Joan at the end of the season?

2. What did Joan decide at the end of her month of increased socializing in Chapter 11, Ebb and Flow?

3. In Chapter 11, Ebb and Flow, what forced Joan to end her solitude?

4. What factors complicated Joan's job for the film crew?

5. Who was Joan Erickson's late husband?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the friendship between Joan Anderson and Joan Erikson develop in Chapter 10, Seal Woman?

2. Who did Joan Erikson send to stay with Joan and how did Joan feel about having these guests?

3. Describe the retirement party Joan gave for her husband and how pleased her husband was with it.

4. How did Joshua Cahoon help Joan learn clamming?

5. At the beginning of Chapter 14, Safe Harbor, how did Joan feel once her older son and his wife left?

6. What did Joan take with her to the seal island in Chapter 15, Wild and Salty, and how did what she took on this trip show her growth since her initial trip to the island?

7. What truths about her life were revealed to Joan during her trip to the seal island in Chapter 15, Wild and Salty?

8. In Chapter 15, Wild and Salty, how did Joan feel about letting her husband move back in with her after he retired and where did she go to think over the prospect?

9. How did a sign in front of the Methodist Church make Joan reflect upon her marriage?

10. What symbolism did Joan see in the sandbar?

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