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Joan Anderson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Joan Erickson tell Joan A. was the only place to find answers about herself?
(a) In her own heart.
(b) From her physician.
(c) From her friends.
(d) From her family.

2. What things did Joan notice during her bicycle ride in Chapter 14, Safe Harbor?
(a) The traffic in the town.
(b) The friendliness of everyone she met.
(c) The sights and scents of nature.
(d) The number of tourists at Cape Cod.

3. What did Joan cook for Memorial Day dinner?
(a) Nothing - she refused to cook.
(b) Hot dogs and baked beans.
(c) A bouillabaisse.
(d) Hamburgers.

4. Why did Joan want to be alone on the seal island in Chapter 15, Wild and Salty?
(a) To contemplate the future of her marriage.
(b) To decide if she wanted to marry Joshua Cahoon.
(c) To grieve for her dead father.
(d) To conduct research for a book on seals.

5. What kind of car did Joan's oldest son own?
(a) A Dodge.
(b) A Chevrolet.
(c) A Ford.
(d) A Toyota.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Joan Erikson say in Chapter 15, Wild and Salty, would be giving away some of Joan's strength?

2. What did Joan conclude while visiting the general store?

3. Where were Joan's oldest son and his wife going for a bike trip once leaving the cottage after Memorial Day?

4. What did Joan think that all women in long-term relationships should consider?

5. What snack did the bartender put out without charge for Joan's party for her husband?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the Cape Cod general store like, and what did being there help Joan decide about her stay in the community?

2. What did Joan Anderson expect to learn from the psychoanalyst, and what did Joan Erikson tell her when she didn't learn what she expected?

3. What did Joan give her husband for his retirement, and what did her gift symbolize?

4. Who did Joan ask for money to replace her broken hot water heater, and what was his response?

5. How did Joan ultimately earn the money to fix her broken hot water heater?

6. How did the friendship between Joan Anderson and Joan Erikson develop in Chapter 10, Seal Woman?

7. What evidence in Chapter 16, Port of Call, indicated that Joan's husband had grown and changed during their separation?

8. In Chapter 15, Wild and Salty, how did Joan feel about letting her husband move back in with her after he retired and where did she go to think over the prospect?

9. Did Joan and her husband seem happier or more unhappy at the end of their year-long separation, and did they decide to divorce or reunite?

10. In Chapter 12, Low Tide, how did reflecting upon the women in her family inspire Joan?

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