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Joan Anderson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During her bicycle ride, what words did Joan see on a sign in front of the Methodist Church?
(a) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
(b) The opposite of love is indifference.
(c) To forgive is divine.
(d) Love conquers all.

2. What did Joan decide at the end of her month of increased socializing in Chapter 11, Ebb and Flow?
(a) She hated socializing.
(b) She was in control of her life & when guests came and left.
(c) She liked being around other people.
(d) She missed her husband.

3. How much money did it cost to replace Joan's broken appliance?
(a) A thousand dollars.
(b) Fifteen hundred dollars.
(c) Five hundred dollars.
(d) Twelve hundred dollars.

4. Which of the following was not something that Joan thought would help her maintain her new self if she reunited with her husband?
(a) Generating new ideas.
(b) Sipping coffee by the shore.
(c) Playing hostess to her husband and his friends.
(d) Laughing and risking adventures.

5. What was Hazel's marital state?
(a) She was divorced.
(b) She was widowed.
(c) She was single and had never been married.
(d) She was married.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Joan plant the tulips?

2. What beverage did Joan buy at the general store?

3. Who was paying for the work of the men Joan found at her cottage upon her return from the general store?

4. What snack did the bartender put out without charge for Joan's party for her husband?

5. What previous hiking trips did Joan think of while traveling to the seal island in Chapter 15, Wild and Salty?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Joan's acceptance of her body change in Chapter 15, Wild and Salty?

2. In Chapter 15, Wild and Salty, how did Joan feel about letting her husband move back in with her after he retired and where did she go to think over the prospect?

3. How did the friendship between Joan Anderson and Joan Erikson develop in Chapter 10, Seal Woman?

4. Who did Joan ask for money to replace her broken hot water heater, and what was his response?

5. What was ironic about how Joan felt once she arrived on the seal island in Chapter 15, Wild and Salty?

6. How did Joan ultimately earn the money to fix her broken hot water heater?

7. How did Joan's family spend Memorial Day weekend in Chapter 13, Treading Water, and how did Joan make this holiday different than previous holidays?

8. What spiritual lesson did Joan learn from clamming?

9. Who was Hazel, and why did she come to visit Joan?

10. To where did Joan ride her bike in Chapter 14, Safe Harbor, and how did she like the experience?

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