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Joan Anderson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 16, Port of Call, to what did Joan equate Labor Day at the fish market?
(a) Dulles Airport at Christmas.
(b) A quiet funeral.
(c) Grand Central Station at rush hour.
(d) The New York Stock Exchange.

2. While walking with Joan Erickson in Chapter 10, Seal Woman, what animal did Joan see staring into a puddle?
(a) A beaver.
(b) A brown bear.
(c) A red fox.
(d) A leopard.

3. In Chapter 16, Port of Call, what flowers did Joan's neighbors say she could pick from their yard?
(a) Some Shasta daisies.
(b) Some white lillies.
(c) Some pink roses.
(d) Some orange begonias.

4. Why did Joan feel that her previous hiking adventures had not tested her independence?
(a) She went on the trips with others rather than going alone.
(b) They were easy trips without physical challenges.
(c) She was a child on her previous trips.
(d) Someone besides herself had paid for her previous trips.

5. How did Joan think the seals had influenced her life?
(a) By making her become a vegetarian.
(b) By helping her swim more.
(c) By setting her onto a different path.
(d) By giving her a new book idea.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of perfume did Joan wear to greet her husband in the final chapter of the book?

2. What snack did the bartender put out without charge for Joan's party for her husband?

3. What did the wife of Joan Erickson's cousin do for a living?

4. How many pounds of clams did Joshua Cahoon like to dig in a single day?

5. How had Joan spent Labor Days prior to her year alone by the sea?

Short Essay Questions

1. Did Joan and her husband seem happier or more unhappy at the end of their year-long separation, and did they decide to divorce or reunite?

2. Who did Joan Erikson send to stay with Joan and how did Joan feel about having these guests?

3. How did Joan initially feel about letting people into her home, and how did she feel about having guests at the end of Chapter 11, Ebb and Flow?

4. Why did Joan's nephew send guests to stay with Joan, and how did Joan feel about being part of her nephew's project?

5. How did Joan ultimately earn the money to fix her broken hot water heater?

6. How did Joan's family spend Memorial Day weekend in Chapter 13, Treading Water, and how did Joan make this holiday different than previous holidays?

7. What symbolism did Joan see in the sandbar?

8. How did a sign in front of the Methodist Church make Joan reflect upon her marriage?

9. In Chapter 15, Wild and Salty, how did Joan feel about letting her husband move back in with her after he retired and where did she go to think over the prospect?

10. What gift did Joan's boss at the fish market give her, and what did the gift indicate about his acceptance of Joan in the Cape Cod community?

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