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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Meg and Calvin repeatedly question Charles Wallace on their way to Mr. Murry in Chapter 8. In response, what does he warn them he will do?
(a) Send them to a special prison on Camazotz.
(b) Put them to sleep.
(c) Send them to a two-dimensional planet.
(d) Send them to IT.

2. Soon after Meg is reunited with her father in Chapter 9, what, to her horror, does she realize about him?
(a) That he cannot hear her.
(b) That he cannot see.
(c) That it's not her father.
(d) That her father is near death.

3. Once Charles Wallace has been successfully hypnotized by the man with strange eyes, how does Meg react?
(a) She considers following her brother in hypnosis.
(b) She smashes Charles Wallace's plate on the floor.
(c) She sits and watches him become someone else.
(d) She cries and passes out.

4. What does Charles Wallace tell Meg and Calvin to do in front of the strange man in the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building?
(a) To look and see that his eyes are brown not red.
(b) Not look in his eyes.
(c) To ask the man about his hobbies.
(d) To stare the man down.

5. When all of the main characters get back to Earth, where do they land?
(a) In the haunted house.
(b) In the Murry's kitchen.
(c) In the twins' vegetable garden.
(d) In the lab.

Short Answer Questions

1. While in the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building, Meg asks for food because she's hungry. What do four men in smocks arrive with moments later?

2. How does the man with strange eyes react to Meg's action toward Charles when Charles was looking into the strange man's eyes?

3. What is it that Meg has but IT does not have?

4. What sense do the Beasts not have that surprises Meg?

5. Charles does something to the man with strange eyes that he learned from his older twin brothers. What does he do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Although the children refuse to obey the command of Man with Red Eyes to recite the multiplication tables, he is hardly discouraged because they're still young. "The younger the better," he says. What does he mean?

2. What does Meg say she understands when she agrees to go on her own to rescue Charles Wallace?

3. Meg goes from a baby having a tantrum to a somewhat-mature young woman in a flash when she suddenly decides to go alone to rescue Charles Wallace. Is this turn-around too quick?

4. Aside from being impatient, how else would you describe Meg?

5. How does the hypnotized Charles Wallace describe Camazotz?

6. Describe Mr. Murry when the children see him in Chapter 9.

7. Does Charles Wallace obey his father when they meet in Chapter 9?

8. Do you think it's dawning on Meg at all by Chapter 11 that she might end up rescuing her little brother on her own?

9. The Beasts have a much smaller vocabulary than the humans, yet they are very capable of communicating well. Why is that?

10. When Meg comes to in Chapter 10, she doesn't know where she is and she can't move. What has happened to her after tessering from Camazotz?

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