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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the Beasts' planet?
(a) Little Uriel.
(b) Ixchel.
(c) Land of the Beasts.
(d) Camazotz Two.

2. After being hypnotized, what does Charles Wallace call Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which?
(a) A trio of mean old ladies.
(b) Enemies who confused them.
(c) A bunch of witches from the east.
(d) Old ladies who should be in an elderly home.

3. Where does Charles Wallace take Meg, Calvin and Mr. Murry in Chapter 9?
(a) To a secret hiding place.
(b) To a dungeon.
(c) To see IT.
(d) To a room where they meet the man with Red Eyes.

4. What does Meg give her father in Chapter 9 when she realizes what is wrong with him upon their being reunited?
(a) Mrs. Who's glasses.
(b) A lock of her mother's hair.
(c) A family photograph.
(d) Some food.

5. Charles does something to the man with strange eyes that he learned from his older twin brothers. What does he do?
(a) He slaps the man, not too harshly, on his hands.
(b) He challenges the man to a game of chess.
(c) He takes the man by the hand and dances with him.
(d) He hits the man as hard as he can.

6. What is Charles Wallace's interesting explanation for the lack of conflict on Camazotz?
(a) Individualism has been done away with.
(b) Everyone is allowed to express their own opinions.
(c) Everyone bounces balls to the exactly the same rhythm.
(d) Everyone believes that there is no other place than Camazotz.

7. Mrs. Whatsit says that if the Happy Medium could always tell them what was going to happen, they would be just like the people of Camazotz because:
(a) They would have to live on a dark planet.
(b) They would skip rope and bounce balls.
(c) They would have no lives of their own.
(d) They would eat very uninteresting food.

8. When Meg is about to leave on her rescue mission, why does she ask her father for forgiveness?
(a) Because she called him a bad father.
(b) Because she accused him of hating Charles Wallace.
(c) Because she said she hated him.
(d) She made him feel bad.

9. When one of the Things scoops Meg up, what does it tell Mr. Murry it's doing?
(a) Cradling her to sing her lullabies.
(b) Taking the child.
(c) Curing her paralysis.
(d) Adopting Meg.

10. What does the Man with Red Eyes say when Calvin accuses him of hypnotizing Charles Wallace?
(a) He completely agrees Charles is hypnotized.
(b) He thinks hypnotized is a primitive way of describing it.
(c) The Man with Red Eyes says nothing at all.
(d) He calls Charles's state of mind sweet and kind.

11. What does Meg do when Charles Wallace doesn't let her inside the object containing her father?
(a) She gets down on her knees and begs.
(b) She kicks him in the head and knocks him down.
(c) She hurls herself at him.
(d) She tries to reason with him.

12. What does the face of the strange man who communicates with Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin in the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building look like?
(a) He has blue eyes that remind Meg of her father.
(b) His eyes are bright with a reddish glow.
(c) He has no face.
(d) He has a very sweet face that's hard to describe.

13. What does Charles Wallace tell Meg in Chapter 9 that she must do in order to get to her father?
(a) Learn how to rearrange molecules in walls.
(b) She can't do anything, she should just give up.
(c) Go into IT.
(d) Get a sledge hammer to break the column.

14. What do Calvin, Meg, and Charles Wallace see at the end of the room filled with machines in the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building?
(a) A platform with just a chair on it and nothing else.
(b) A platform with ballerinas dancing to music.
(c) A platform with a chair, and a man.
(d) A platform made to look like a boxing ring.

15. Although Charles Wallace looks the same after being hypnotized, he acts as if someone has possessed him. How does Meg know this?
(a) He calls her Mother.
(b) He calls her Mary.
(c) His eyes turn cold and strange.
(d) He calls her Margaret.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Charles Wallace react to Meg rushing to the object containing their father in Chapter 9?

2. After she tessers with her father and Calvin out of Camazotz, what happens to Meg?

3. What gift does Mrs. Whatsit give to Meg before she leaves on her rescue mission at the end of the novel?

4. In Chapter 11, when Mr. Murry demands the Beasts put Meg down, who do they ask to speak with?

5. What are the Things in Chapter 10?

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