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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the man with strange eyes react to Meg's action toward Charles when Charles was looking into the strange man's eyes?
(a) He smiles in admiration of her strength.
(b) He gets off his stage and jumps onto Meg.
(c) He has no reaction.
(d) He becomes angry, and impatient.

2. What is the reminder Mrs. Whatsit says about Camazotz that pains Meg?
(a) That Charles Wallace has no desire to be rescued.
(b) That if they will likely be imprisoned and put to sleep.
(c) That they have never been interested in Camazotz.
(d) That the Mrs. W's cannot do anything on Camazotz.

3. What does the Man with Red Eyes say when Calvin accuses him of hypnotizing Charles Wallace?
(a) He calls Charles's state of mind sweet and kind.
(b) He completely agrees Charles is hypnotized.
(c) He thinks hypnotized is a primitive way of describing it.
(d) The Man with Red Eyes says nothing at all.

4. Where does Charles Wallace take Meg, Calvin and Mr. Murry in Chapter 9?
(a) To a room where they meet the man with Red Eyes.
(b) To a dungeon.
(c) To a secret hiding place.
(d) To see IT.

5. Why does Mr. Murry hand Mrs. Who's glasses back to Meg in Chapter 11?
(a) Their virtue has gone and they are now only glass.
(b) They didn't work as Mrs. Who said they would.
(c) They are ugly and don't look nice on him.
(d) He doesn't believe in Mrs. Who, so he feels no need to keep them.

6. What does the face of the strange man who communicates with Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin in the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building look like?
(a) He has no face.
(b) He has blue eyes that remind Meg of her father.
(c) He has a very sweet face that's hard to describe.
(d) His eyes are bright with a reddish glow.

7. Before the children reach Mr. Murry in Chapter 8, who does Charles Wallace show them?
(a) The little boy who couldn't bounce his ball in rhythm.
(b) The wife of the Premiere Coordinator.
(c) Camazotz deviants who will soon be put to sleep.
(d) A woman with red eyes.

8. Why won't the Mrs. W's help Mr. Murry tesser back to Camazotz?
(a) Because they somehow know he will not succeed.
(b) Because they're too tired to teach proper tessering.
(c) Because they are not good at tessering themselves.
(d) Because they instantly dislike Mr. Murry.

9. In Chapter 11, when Mr. Murry demands the Beasts put Meg down, who do they ask to speak with?
(a) Calvin.
(b) IT.
(c) Meg.
(d) Mrs. Murry.

10. Despite escaping IT with her father, why does Meg feel things have gotten worse and worse?
(a) Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which never appear.
(b) She is now in a place that is drearier than Camazotz.
(c) She isn't back home with her mother.
(d) She is frozen, and IT still has her brother.

11. Charles Wallace pulls Meg and Calvin aside in the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building to tell them what?
(a) Get hypnotized because it might help him fit in at school.
(b) Leave this CENTRAL Central Intelligence place.
(c) To let the Man with the Red Eyes hypnotize him.
(d) Meet with Mrs. Whatsit and see if she'll let him go on his own.

12. When all of the main characters get back to Earth, where do they land?
(a) In the Murry's kitchen.
(b) In the lab.
(c) In the haunted house.
(d) In the twins' vegetable garden.

13. Soon after Meg is reunited with her father in Chapter 9, what, to her horror, does she realize about him?
(a) That he cannot see.
(b) That he cannot hear her.
(c) That it's not her father.
(d) That her father is near death.

14. Why can't Charles Wallace taste any of the food in the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building?
(a) He's too scared to taste anything.
(b) He has never had turkey before.
(c) He has shut his mind completely to the Man with the Red Eyes.
(d) He's ill but only discovers it when he eats the food.

15. Meg and Calvin repeatedly question Charles Wallace on their way to Mr. Murry in Chapter 8. In response, what does he warn them he will do?
(a) Put them to sleep.
(b) Send them to a two-dimensional planet.
(c) Send them to a special prison on Camazotz.
(d) Send them to IT.

Short Answer Questions

1. Charles does something to the man with strange eyes that he learned from his older twin brothers. What does he do?

2. How did Mr. Murry end up on Camazotz?

3. Aunt Beast tells Meg that in the fight against the Black Thing, the following helps the Beasts:

4. Aside from Mrs. Whatsit, who else is certain that Meg will not encounter a fatal danger when she goes to rescue Charles Wallace?

5. When Meg is about to leave on her rescue mission, why does she ask her father for forgiveness?

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