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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Meg first sees Mrs. Whatsit in Chapter 1, how is she dressed?
(a) Bundled up in scarves from head to toe.
(b) Bundled up with several scarves tied over her head.
(c) Bundles up in men's clothing.
(d) Bundled up in soft, warm clothes and a pretty hat on.

2. The dog growls at the lab door in Chapter 1, and Mrs. Murry goes to see who's there. When she returns, who does she bring inside?
(a) Mrs. Buncombe.
(b) The school principal.
(c) The Tramp.
(d) Mrs. Whatsit.

3. Charles Wallace and Mrs. Murry offer food to Mrs. Whatsit. She expresses a fondness for what?
(a) Russian caviar.
(b) Bread and jam.
(c) Marshmallows and cocoa.
(d) Liverwurst.

4. Whose vegetable garden do Meg and Calvin walk through in Chapter 3?
(a) The Twins' vegetable garden.
(b) Charles Wallace's vegetable garden.
(c) Meg's vegetable garden.
(d) The neighbors' vegetable garden.

5. Why does Charles Wallace insist they go and see Mrs. Whatsit in Chapter 2?
(a) Because he wants to find out more about the tesseract.
(b) Because Mrs. Whatsit is holding their father captive.
(c) Because Mrs. Whatsit will give them cookies and milk.
(d) Because Mrs. Whatsit promised to take them to a foreign planet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the individual that the children meet in the haunted house in Chapter 2 call Charles Wallace and Meg?

2. As the children fly up in Chapter 4, why does Meg look at Charles Wallace with a bit of sadness?

3. What do the children see when they look into the Happy Medium's ball?

4. Where is Meg's bedroom?

5. Why does Mrs. Whatsit give each child a flower for the journey?

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