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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Meg look at her mother with a mixture of admiration and resentment in Chapter 1?
(a) Her mother is a kind and beautiful woman, as well as a brilliant scientist.
(b) Her mother works at home and always looks fresh.
(c) Her mother is pretty and every man wants to marry her.
(d) Her mother is beautiful and speaks fluent French.

2. Why does Dennys believe that Charles Wallace will have a hard time in school next year?
(a) Because people are used to thinking he's dumb.
(b) Charles Wallace can walk but cannot talk.
(c) Charles Wallace has two names instead of one.
(d) Because Charles Wallace is so handsome.

3. What is the individual that the children meet in the haunted house in Chapter 2 wearing and doing?
(a) She's wearing a black suit and is reading a book.
(b) She's wearing sunglasses and is knitting.
(c) She's wearing thick glasses and is sewing.
(d) She's wearing a witch's costume and is sewing.

4. What is the weather like the night Mrs. Whatsit appeared at the Murry house?
(a) Rainy and hailing.
(b) Dark and stormy.
(c) Sunny and breezy.
(d) Overcast, about to rain.

5. Who do the children meet when they enter the haunted house in Chapter 2?
(a) Mrs. Whatsit.
(b) Mrs. Who.
(c) Mr. Jenkins.
(d) Mrs. Murry.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Meg, who is the next family member to enter the kitchen in Chapter 1?

2. Why is Meg bored in math class?

3. Why isn't Charles Wallace scared or suspicious of Mrs. Who when he meets her?

4. What worries Charles Wallace about going to school next year?

5. How old is Calvin?

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