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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Meg bored in math class?
(a) Because she doesn't like math and would rather study literature.
(b) Because her father taught her clever shortcuts to solving problems.
(c) Because nothing the math teacher says makes sense.
(d) Because she would rather solve the world's problems than math problems.

2. Whose vegetable garden do Meg and Calvin walk through in Chapter 3?
(a) Charles Wallace's vegetable garden.
(b) Meg's vegetable garden.
(c) The Twins' vegetable garden.
(d) The neighbors' vegetable garden.

3. How many children are bouncing balls out of rhythm in Camazotz?
(a) Two.
(b) Not one.
(c) Just one.
(d) Three.

4. Before dinner is served in Chapter 3, Mrs. Murry tells Meg to do what?
(a) Take out the garbage.
(b) Write in her journal.
(c) Clean the house.
(d) Finish her homework.

5. After seeing the Happy Medium's proof that the Dark Thing can be overcome, what does Charles Wallace discover about Mrs. Whatsit?
(a) That she fears combatting the Dark Thing.
(b) That she loves stars but was previously afraid of them.
(c) That she was once a star that fought the Dark Thing.
(d) That she wished she were a star but never could be.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the kids return home in Chapter 3, what is Mrs. Murry doing in her lab?

2. Where does Charles Wallace take Meg, Calvin and Mr. Murry in Chapter 9?

3. How does Calvin nearly break Charles Wallace out of his spell in Chapter 9?

4. Meg asks her mother to tell her more about the tesseract in Chapter 3, but what does Mrs. Murry tell her instead?

5. What does Charles Wallace tell Meg in Chapter 9 that she must do in order to get to her father?

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