Objects & Places from A Wrinkle in Time

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The Murry House

This place has an attic, three bedrooms, a kitchen and a vegetable garden in the back.

Meg's School

Meg goes here everyday when she's not at home; it is where she irritates her teachers and the principal, Mr. Jenkins.

The Haunted House

Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Whatsit have made this old abandoned structure in the woods look spooky and scary.


This faraway location contains oxygen flowers, butterflies and gorgeous scenery.

The Happy Medium's Planet - Orion's Belt

This smoggy, gray place is perpetually cold and dark, but must be visited to obtain information about Mr. Murry.


At first this place seems normal, but a closer look reveals that the children are playing in rhythm and that the mothers are doing the exact same things at the same time.

The Glass Column

The man with red eyes and IT hold Meg's father...

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