A Wrinkle in Time Character Descriptions

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Meg Murry

This character is a thirteen-year-old girl with mousy brown hair, thick glasses and braces on her teeth whose life takes an unusual turn when she meets three strange visitors.

Charles Wallace Murry

This young character is a genius and, within the family, speaks in complete sentences, uses difficult words, and understands complex ideas.

Calvin O'Keefe

This high school student is a popular athlete and at first reminds another of her missing father because they are both tall, thin, have red hair and blue eyes.

Mrs. Whatsit

This character is the youngest of the three mystery "women" who arrive at the Murry home.

Mrs. Which

This character is the oldest of the three mystery women who arrive at the Murry home.

Mrs. Murry

This beautiful character is a scientist who works at home, conducting experiments and taking care of her children.

Mr. Murry

This character discovers the...

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