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Chapter 1

• Meg wakes up in the middle of a dark and stormy night thinking of how her life is all wrong.

• Meg thinks about sticking up for Charles Wallace when someone calls him her dumb baby brother.

• Meg thinks briefly about her father but stops because only her mother can think of him without crying.

• Even though Charles Wallace seems to have a psychic connection with Meg, he does not wake up during the storm.
• Going to the kitchen, Meg finds Charles Wallace already there and Mrs. Murry comes in soon afterward.

• Charles Wallace's intelligence is seen in his vocabulary, his making cocoa and sandwiches, and his ability to reason out things.

• Meg's angst as a teenage girl is seen in her fixation on her looks and her hair.
• Charles Wallace relates his encounter with Mrs. Whatsit and his knowledge of the haunted house.

• Mrs. Murry comes in...

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