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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the great leader of Botswana that protected it's people?

2. In old African custom, what were women forbidden to handle?

3. In Chapter 2, what does Bessie feel that the African people need, for their civilization?

4. By the 1830's, most of the tribes of South Africa were what?

5. In Chapter 2, what does Bessie believe that people cannot protest against?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Bessie's life like during the two years that she lived in the refugee community in northern Botswana?

2. Why was it so difficult for Bessie to deal with South Africa creatively?

3. Why was Bessie able to write in Botswana rather than South Africa?

4. What was Bessie's first experience of racism in a black form?

5. How are Bessie and the American woman different?

6. In "Despite Broken Bondage . . .," how were women treated in Africa before independence?

7. How is Bessie's hatred of the white man lessened in Chapter 2?

8. Why does Bessie consider Botswana the "most unique and distinguished country in Africa"?

9. In "African Religions," what, does Bessie state is the main difference between Asian and African religious ideals?

10. In the conclusion of Chapter 2, how does Bessie summarize her life experiences?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Oppression stunted and almost obliterated Bessie's creativity. And yet, the musician, Makeba, seemed to revel in it. Why do you think it would affect two people so differently? Is it a question of passion? Does it create more passion for some and less for others? Do you think that Makeba's passion for liberation fueled her in a creative sense? Did she use the situation to her own advantage? Did Bessie's avoidance of anything liberatory or revolutionary deny her this? Had she been more liberal, might she have been able to write?

Essay Topic 2

Bessie developed an early love for Capetown and returned there frequently. What did her friends tell her about Capetown in 1958? Why does she love it so much? What sense does she get there? Why do the whites of the Cape describe it as having a liberal tradition? What does Bessie think of their assessment? Why does she say they pride themselves on this? What kind of personality do the Cape Coloureds have that she admires? What compromise have they made with the ruling group? What impressions do you get from Bessie regarding this compromise?

Essay Topic 3

Bessie thinks that friendship is very important in South Africa. What kind of country is South Africa, according to her? What do you find yourself doing if you have friends? What are you left alone to face if your friends flee the country? What do friends allow you to do that Bessie feels is essential to not becoming passive? Describe the good friend that Bessie had in South Africa and what effect his fleeing the country had on her.

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